What Do Common Franchise Agreements Look Like?

Franchise-agreementsIn order to formally become a Franchisee of any franchise system, you will need to sign a franchise agreement. Franchise agreements are designed to build a stable foundation for your business and provide a framework through which it is possible to conduct business. While franchise agreements vary from company to company, each will contain some standard provisions that must be adhered to throughout the duration of the agreement, and as such they should be examined thoroughly before signing on the dotted line. Continue reading “What Do Common Franchise Agreements Look Like?”

How to Work Successfully with a Franchise Business Partner

Franchise Business PartnerA second pair of hands can go a long way in any business, which is why owning and operating a franchise alongside one or more franchise business partners can work so well. But with those benefits comes challenges. Fortunately, we are here to help! Here are some ways you can keep your relationship with a franchise business partner productive, happy and long-lasting. Continue reading “How to Work Successfully with a Franchise Business Partner”

4 Signs That Show You’re Serious About Starting A Franchise

So you are thinking about becoming a franchisee? That’s great, but you can’t just call up a franchise group and open your business the next day.

On the contrary, starting a franchise takes time, preparation and effort — and that is especially true if you are looking to join a top franchise company. That’s because, good franchise systems are protective of their brands and reputations, and they look for serious candidates who can contribute to the success of the franchise as a whole.

Like any business, a franchise requires money — to open it, to run it, and to sustain it.How can you prove you’re serious about starting a franchise? By showcasing these signs: Continue reading “4 Signs That Show You’re Serious About Starting A Franchise”

Entrepreneurs: Avoid These 5 Common Business Plan Mistakes

All entrepreneurs and business owners plan to grow their companies. However, in order to make that growth happen, you’ll need to create an actual business plan.

There are numerous benefits to creating a business plan; perhaps the most important reason is the fact that no lender will take you seriously if you don’t have one. In addition to helping you acquire funding, a great business plan can serve as a best practices guide for you and your staff while helping you identify milestones and stay on track. It can also be a resource for planning and managing cash flow.

Procrastination is the number one business plan mistake.We’ve already covered what you need to do in order to create a good business plan. But, just as important, you need to know what not to do as well. Here are five common business plan mistakes to avoid: Continue reading “Entrepreneurs: Avoid These 5 Common Business Plan Mistakes”

Starting A Mobile Franchise? 6 Types Of Insurance For Franchisees

There are many reasons why starting a franchise could be the right move for your career. However, even the most successful franchisees can have something unexpectedly go wrong, and that’s why having the proper business insurance products is so important.

Here are six types of insurance for franchisees that should be on your radar in order to keep you protected. Continue reading “Starting A Mobile Franchise? 6 Types Of Insurance For Franchisees”

Franchise Glossary — 25 Franchising Terms Entrepreneurs Must Know

Starting a franchise business can be an incredibly exciting endeavor. However, if you are not familiar with some common franchising terms, it can also be quite confusing. That’s because the franchise industry has its own jargon and phrases, and it can seem like a foreign language to those who are new to the industry.

Continue reading “Franchise Glossary — 25 Franchising Terms Entrepreneurs Must Know”

10 Signs It’s Time To Change Careers In 2016

You just pulled out a new calendar — 2016. With the new year only a few days old, did any resolutions happen to come with it? Maybe changing careers? Starting a franchise?

To help you make the right decision, here is our list of 10 tell-tale signs that you should hightail it out of your current job and get a new career in the New Year: Continue reading “10 Signs It’s Time To Change Careers In 2016”

Top Franchise Expos, Conventions And Conferences For 2016

Thinking about starting a franchise? Well, there are nearly 800,000 for you to choose from, and checking them out one by one online can take quite awhile. A better approach — and a better use of your time — would be to get to know hundreds franchise options at your disposal in person and all in one place.  

That’s exactly what you can do at a franchise convention, where you can meet face to
face with leaders of different franchise groups and get the inside scoop on franchising trends, best practices, tools and tips.

With the calendar getting ready to flip to a new year, now is the perfect time to book your trip to one of these top franchise events in 2016. Continue reading “Top Franchise Expos, Conventions And Conferences For 2016”

Franchising FAQ: What Would You Do Differently If You Had To Start Over?

Between improving your work-life balance, building something for your family and earning a lot of money, starting a franchise is a great way to enhance your future. However, once you start out, there may be some unexpected roadblocks that get in your way.

To help you steer clear, we took this popular franchising FAQ to our franchisees from throughout the United States and Canada and asked them to take a look back into their pasts and tell us what they would do differently if they could start over.

Here are their top franchising tips: Continue reading “Franchising FAQ: What Would You Do Differently If You Had To Start Over?”

Franchise Operator Spotlight: From Corporate World To Franchise Ownership

Mike and Julie Paradise had spent their entire careers — and most of their lives — in the corporate world. However, the Northern Massachusetts couple unexpectedly and abruptly found themselves out of that world and on the job market.

“My husband and I were both corporate,” Julie explained. “But, for one reason or another, we both found ourselves not corporate anymore.”

They explored all avenues in their job search, but one path in particular kept coming up time and time again.

“During the job hunt, Bin There Dump That kept coming up as an opportunity,” Julie said.

Intrigued by what they read online and in reviews, the couple began doing their homework, and Bin There Dump That quickly made their grade.

“We investigated, and it seemed like a good fit for us going forward in order to take control of our future and not be dependent on corporate anymore,” Julie said. Continue reading “Franchise Operator Spotlight: From Corporate World To Franchise Ownership”