Franchise Operator Spotlight: A ‘City Builder’ In Central New York

Franchise Operator Spotlight: A 'City Builder' In Central New YorkLarry Williams thinks big, at least he plans big.

The relatively new Bin There Dump That franchise operator got his training in October 2013 and “flipped his first bin” in February 2014.

And while many new business owners start small, working from their homes and counting only themselves as employees, Williams purchased a 9,000-square-foot building with plenty of rooms for trucks he doesn’t have and space for employees he hasn’t yet hired.

Becoming A City Builder

Admittedly, Williams is in a position many franchise operators are not. A stake in his family business has provided him a fair amount of capital to get his central and northern New York territory up and running.

In 2011, Williams stepped out of his operations position at that family company and into an advisory role. He wanted an annuity business one that could provide a steady income and one he did not need to start from scratch. Williams did his research — a lot of research — and found Bin There Dump That.

Williams went all in with Bin There Dump That, becoming part of the elite City Builder program, essentially tripling his franchise’s coverage area in central New York.

“I wanted to make the investment upfront,” Williams says. “Have a fairly large garage for the trucks and office space. If you’re willing to take the risk and have the capital — if you know where you want to be and can get there — it’s cheaper to do it once than do it two or three times.”

That attitude is one thing that separates Williams from many franchise operators.

“Most people that have gone into these franchises are a husband and wife team and build as they go,” he says. “In essence, buying themselves a job.”

Building a Team

Instead of taking on many of the tasks required to run a business himself, Williams hired a team at the outset.

“I had a management team right from the get-go,” he says. “I have a driver, and a sales and operations manager. The initial overhead is larger, but I think we’ll slingshot. I think we’ll have a lot of faster growth.”

Rising Above The Competition

Franchise Operator Spotlight: A 'City Builder' In Central New YorkWilliams explored the competition, including making phone calls to any potential competitors. At every single one, he was required to navigate a labyrinth of automated answering systems. At one he finally gave up after 15 minutes on the phone and still not able to reach a human.

“When I did competitive analysis, I knew there was opportunity here because after so many companies’ calls went to voicemail — only one or two of 25 to 30 calls were [answered by humans],” Williams says. “More than 90 percent went to voicemail. There’s room for opportunity. That puts us at an advantage there.”

Williams and his wife Julie can’t be available 24/7, but he can make sure a human answers every call. Williams pays an answering service to pick up whenever no one is available at the office. Eventually Williams expects staff will be able to handle calls on weekends, but the company isn’t there yet.

Ready To Get Started?

If Larry Williams’ story inspires you, start doing a little more research to find out whether a Bin There Dump That franchise is right for you.

Download our free infographic comparing franchises to independent business ventures, or take our free Franchise Personality Assessment. And for more insight into owning a franchise, stay tuned to the Bin There Dump That franchise blog.

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