Franchise Operator Spotlight: Creating Synergy in Thunder Bay

Franchise Operator Spotlight: Creating Synergy in Thunder Bay

Entrepreneurs choose franchises for a variety of reasons: being their own boss and making a great profit are just a few of them. But the Bin There Dump That franchise operators in Thunder Bay, Ontario, had an additional reason.

Patrick Fenlon and Wayne VanderWees already own a logistics business and found a Bin There Dump That franchise dovetailed perfectly with their existing company. Through the pair’s existing operation, they develop strategies for other companies to move material back through the supply chain where it can be recycled or disposed. It’s all about zero waste, and the Bin There Dump That is a step in the process.

“We know how to document a chain of custody, but we wanted a better way to do the front-end collection,” Fenlon says. “That’s why we got into Bin There Dump That.”

This is a particularly important issue in Canada, where government agencies are getting involved in waste stewardship (zero waste) programs. “We’re collecting the material and do it in a way that is economically sustainable,” Fenlon says.

Before they purchased a Bin There Dump That franchise. the duo hired other bin companies but were never really satisfied with what those companies had to offer. Owning the franchise give Fenlon and VanderWees control over the front end of the process.

Past Experience

Fenlon has been involved in a couple of startups, building businesses from the ground up — and he even investigated a Bin There Dump That franchise more than 10 years ago, but instead decided to go with another franchise with a major North American van line company. It didn’t go well.

“There was no support,” he says. “It was, ‘This is your franchise is this area; go to it.’”

The differences between the last franchise operation and Bin There Dump That are clear: “It’s deceptively well put together,” Fenlon says. “The whole system has a lot of integrity. The essential stuff has been included.”

Exploring Options

Franchise Operator Spotlight: Creating Synergy in Thunder Bay

Like most future franchise operators, Fenlon and VanderWees did their homework and investigated other options.

Fenlon called other franchise operators asking them about their experience with the Bin There Dump That corporate office and was impressed and comforted by all the answers he got. The other franchise operators were supportive and made him feel more confident about getting involved

“For me, it was looking at the franchise saying, ‘I wish I had done that. It’s a great idea,’” Fenlon says. “Starting a business from scratch, a lot of time you’re learning from your own mistakes. If you see a well-run business, you know. You can start seeing the integrity behind a business.

“After 20 years and bootstrapping three different business – I’ve done that. I know what’s involved. I’ve done the 60- to 70-hour weeks. I wanted something that is well thought out..”

Start Your Own Journey!

If you’d like to learn more about a deceptively simple franchise opportunity, visit the new Bin There Dump That franchise web page at: or call 888-357-1154 (in the U.S.) or 866-615-4147 (in Canada).

You can also check out our FREE franchise vs. independent business infographic or take our FREE Franchise Personality Assessment test.

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