Franchise Operator Spotlight: Persistence and Perseverance In Newfoundland

Franchise Operator Spotlight: Persistence and Perseverance In NewfoundlandNewfoundlanders are known as a warm and welcoming people. Of course, warm and welcoming doesn’t necessarily mean they will embrace change.

Trey Metcalfe and his wife, Jennifer, knew that opening a new Bin There Dump That franchise would likely present some challenges when they became franchise operators in 2011.

“The first year was a bit touch and go,” Metcalfe says. “Our culture is a little bit different anywhere else in Canada. We’re about 4-5 years behind the rest of Canada.”

Getting Into Business

Of course, as someone who lives in the area, Metcalfe understood what it would take to win over the minds, hearts and money of the people and businesses of Newfoundland. This was not Metcalfe’s first foray into the business world.

Metcalfe came to the Bin There Dump That franchise by way of an assisted living facility. His family ran a home for senior citizens. But he chose to get out of that business, and when somebody bought out his share he went looking for something else to do.

Before pursuing his own franchise opportunity, Metcalfe hired a different rental dumpster bin provider (now a competitor) as he was cleaning out his mother’s home.

Metcalfe saw an opportunity: His experience with that other dumpster bin rental company, a savvy business mind, and changes to local regulations dealing with materials disposal uniquely positioned him to make a splash.

Going After The Big Fish

Franchise Operator Spotlight: Persistence and Perseverance In Newfoundland

Metcalfe’s initial plan was to serve primarily residential customers, but the market was resistant to change. He tried many traditional marketing methods, including radio ads, without any success.

“I changed my attitude and went after commercial clients rather than residential clients,” Metcalfe says. Initially, he was met with a bit of resistance there, too, but his charm and personality eventually led commercial clients to give his business a try.

Metcalfe remembers the approach he took with one particular customer: “I was in their offices once, twice, three times a week,” Metcalfe said. He told those customers, “You’re basically going to have to try me or get a restraining order against me. That’s the only way you’re going to get me out of your office.”

The customer finally gave in and gave Metcalfe’s franchise a shot.

“He’s been with me ever since,” Metcalfe says. Many of those other customers who gave the Metcalfe a try remain loyal to the business today.

Leaning On A Support System

During those early days, it would be easy to get discouraged. Metcalfe persevered and had enormous support from his wife and partner, Jennifer.

“She said she never doubted me,” Metcalfe says. “She’s been by my side ever since.”

That included driving the truck to deliver and pick up bins while she was six months pregnant. Metcalfe now employs a driver.

The Newfoundland Bin There Dump That franchise continues to build, Metcalfe says.

“Demand is growing,” he says. “Our reputation is, too. People are happy and recommending us.”

To learn more about the Metcalfes’ Newfoundland Bin There Dump That franchise, visit their website.

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