Bin There Dump That Wins 4 Top Franchise Awards | Franchise Business Review

Franchise Business Review, an independent franchise market research firm, awarded Bin There Dump That four Top Franchise awards in 2021. Franchising since 2003, we’ve routinely been ranked in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500, and we have won many Franchise Business Review awards. Learn more about our 2021 awards and why joining our franchise operation team is a great way to grow your contractor business or start your journey to becoming a business owner.

Bin There Dump That 2021,Top Franchise award,

About Bin There Dump That

We offer a residential-friendly and hassle-free dumpster rental service and pride ourselves on our reliable, customer experience-focused approach. Features of our unique service include:

– A driveway protection system that ensures that dumpsters don’t touch the customers’ property.

– A variety of dumpster sizes for customers to choose from that are designed to fit perfectly in residential driveways

– Trained Dumpster Consultants who are available to answer customers’ questions

Top Low-Cost Franchise

On a list of 50 brands with high franchisee satisfaction, Bin There Dump That was recognized for being one of the best low-cost franchises to invest in. The independent research data by Franchise Business Review showed Bin There Dump That franchisees are highly satisfied with their investments. Featured locations boast an initial investment below $100,000, and franchisees can turn a profit within the first year.

We help our franchise operators make informed decisions about their money by providing a comprehensive operator guideonline videos, and a free franchise kit. Look no further for the perfect investment opportunity to jumpstart your path to entrepreneurship: Bin There Dump That franchises have a proven track record of success, and we’re here to help you work toward your dream of business ownership.

Top Recession-Proof Franchise

Franchise Business Review’s study included a survey of 33 benchmark questions, including questions about critical areas of franchise systems such as training and support, operations, franchisor/franchisee relations, and financial opportunities. Franchising has historically performed well during recessions and offers business owners a leg up against their competitors; this business structure is designed to innovate, survive, and recover much faster than independently-owned businesses.

Best Franchise Culture

The Best Franchise Culture Award was given to several brands whose franchisees reported great work/life balance, and Bin There Dump That received praise from numerous members of our operations team. We’ve helped our operators build businesses through our National Relationships programs, and we’re known for our top-rated customer service standards. After joining our team, operators can receive a week of hands-on, classroom-style training at the Bin There Dump That headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, in addition to our annual convention and ongoing training events.

Top 2021 Franchise

We were selected for Franchise Business Review’s list of Top 2021 Franchises for overall franchisee satisfaction. We’re proud to offer our franchise operators a time-tested system with world-class customer service, quality expectations, and transparent financial outcomes. Becoming a business owner doesn’t have to involve a hefty and risky investment. Our preferred franchising system lets you experience the freedom of being your own boss and owning a top-rated franchise.

Learn More About the Bin There Dump That Franchise Experience

Work with the staff at Bin There Dump That Corporate to help you determine if our franchising opportunity is right for you. Browse our frequently asked questions and learn more about a day in the life as an operator before you contact our team about franchising today to receive more information about investment options.

Tips for Recruiting Employees of Superior Class for a Franchise

Any successful franchise company understands the importance of a quality workforce recruit one way or the other. 

A great business needs employees of a higher class with outstanding skills, efficient organization, a hunch for prioritization, along with a strong capacity for discipline, and self-development.

If you’re out to recruit & build a team of solid & impactful workforce to build a thriving franchise, then you need to manage employees within a system focused on performance milestones and constant advancement. 

Do you have the right idea but don’t know where to start? 

We at Bin There Dump That Franchise Group prepared the following guide of solutions to explain and guide you on the path of how to build and maintain a superior workforce as both franchisor and franchisee

1. The Hiring Process

Regardless of using the classic HR company or a remote & proven recruiting process, we advise you to implement these tips and hire the best-qualified staff for both the front and back of the house:

  • Establish the expectations of all employees: bottom, middle, or top of the hierarchy. 
  • Develop job descriptions that reflect advanced know-how and franchise responsibilities.
  • Take the time to search. 
  • Explore professional associations, online job sites, university career help offices, newspaper classifieds, social media networking sites such as LinkedIn, personal contacts, employee referrals, job fairs, etc. 
  • Create a candidate selection process that includes culture match, behavioral interviews, client-facing questions, and tours of the restaurant.
  • Perform relevant background checks that include employment references, professional history, education, charity work, volunteer work, and more.
  • Make a job offer that summarizes the main terms and conditions, and presents details about the position and company.
  • Candidates don’t have to be resume experts but to stand up to the employee profile promised and using a unique resume builder tool is a sure sign of diligence. 

Would you like to learn more about the Bin There Dump That franchise?
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2. Define Goals


Align the interests and expectations of your superior employees with your goals and desired results:

  • Appoint managers who provide clear directions, assign roles, brief and debrief, give regular feedback, and keep track of progress.
  • Demand a commitment-oriented work environment with frequent mention of the company goals to stimulate employees.
  • Discuss both company goals and expectations and those of staff members on a regular basis.
  • Be flexible and provide a conducive work environment to increase employee motivation and progress.
  • Recognize good work. Everyone desires to have their efforts and contributions acknowledged. Rewards serve as key motivators for employees.

3. Measure Progress

Carry performance development planning (PDPs) meetings quarterly. The purpose is to identify the progress of your quality workforce members and utilize it for mutual satisfaction by providing proper support and guidance.

Are your high-performance employees familiar with the term SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed upon, Realistic, and Time-bound) goals? 

Guide your team to set and follow said goals, and positive results will come in no time. A proper aim gives superior workers the opportunity to enhance their abilities further. Also, performance evaluations keep your workforce motivated and hungry for improvement.

4. Feedback

2 People giving feedback to a girl in Franchising
Receiving Feedback

Provide frequent feedback to staff members and let them know where they stand:

  • As mentioned above, efficient supervisory feedback means that employees know how they handle tasks daily, via online or offline communication.
  • Create a disciplinary system to show workers the areas in which they don’t perform as expected and help them improve. This system relies on reports, timelines, and regular evaluation of staff members.

5. Target and Measure Accomplishments

Adopt a credit system that recognizes and rewards employees for their hard work:

  • Provide equal pay with a bias toward flexible payment such as bonuses and incentives. 
  • Form a bonus system to encourage your workforce based on their achievements and contributions.
  • Think of other ways to show gratitude towards employees such as anniversary gatherings, spot awards, team-building activities. 
  • Provide, if possible, a constantly improving benefits package.

To appreciate all work of staff members is vital and affects the work environment by nourishing increased individual productivity, employee work enjoyment, enhanced teamwork, higher loyalty, and increased score in customer satisfaction, and more.

6. Training and Retention

Employee training and development efforts are a vital part of business strategy. 

Effective advancement programs increase workers’ productivity as they gain new abilities and become more competent in the field. Coaching initiatives are efficient tools for employee retention efforts.

Follow these tips to allow your staff members to further develop both knowledge and skills.

  • Start with an effective orientation for the new employees, to introduce them to your company’s work policy, rules, clients, ideas, goals, and expected outcomes.
  • Provide ongoing culinary, social, technical, developmental, safety training regularly. The type and length of the coaching process depend on the position, of course. Most experts recommend at least 40 or more hours of training a year per worker.
  • Create a cross-training system for each position that includes on-the-job guidance and skill demonstration.
  • Offer frequent management and leadership coaching. The impact of managers on the progress of your quality workforce is indisputable. As the saying goes “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”, it’s best to keep you and your staff on top of the game.
  • Develop a learning opportunity through activities such as “field trips”, menu-tasting parties, or team-building activities. As an employer, implement this concept of constant development as the main goal for your business.
  • Commit to both providing and tracking your employees’ accomplishments.
business training
business training

7. Employment Termination

End the employment relationship if a staff member doesn’t live to his/her potential:

  • If you followed all the listed above tips – effective orientation, support, training, clear expectations, feedback – and your new employee does not perform as expected, some dismissal advice would be of use.
  • Conduct turnover interviews with valued staff members.
  • View each termination as an opportunity for you to analyze the hiring, training, integrating, and support processes of your restaurant business. Is there a space for improvement in any aspect of your management so future employees succeed?
  • Adopt an employment exit checklist to ensure you tied all loose ends.

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It all comes down to your role as an employer. It takes a true leader to guide his workers and help them reach their full potential. Follow the tips listed above to learn how to build and manage a superior restaurant workforce. 

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