Franchise Opportunity: 4 Reasons Why BTDT’s 100th Truck Celebration Matters

For a franchise, the company’s reputation and the brand’s recognition are vital to success.When Bin There Dump That founder Mark Crossett revved up the first truck in the company’s history back in 2001, little did he know that he would be starting more than a vehicle — he was starting a blueprint for success.

Since that time, more than 60 franchise operators throughout the United States and Canada have followed that blueprint, driving their own trucks — and their own careers — toward financial freedom, professional flexibility and happier lives.

Last month, David Murphy of Southeast Louisiana became the latest franchisee to take the wheel, starting up his own franchise as well as the 100th production vehicle in the franchise’s fleet.

While we are thrilled to celebrate this milestone in our company’s history, we’re even more excited about what this means for entrepreneurs interested in starting a franchise! Here’s why:

Our Model Is Proven To Work

One of the biggest advantages of joining a franchise is the chance to get your business up and running quickly by following the franchise model. Of course, not all models are created equal; some fail, far fewer thrive. With operations in more than 85 territories, we’re definitely in the latter category.

As the only residential-friendly dumpster rental franchise in North America, our model sets us apart — while setting franchisees up for success. Our uniquely sized dumpsters, driveway protection system and emphasis on “delivering the friendly” to every job, contractor and homeowner make it easy for new franchisees to join in, attract customers and grow their operations.

As Our Footprint Grows So Does Our Name Recognition

With 100 trucks on the road, Bin There Dump That's brand has never been stronger.For a franchise, the company’s reputation and the brand’s recognition are vital to success. With 100 trucks now on the road, our reputation and brand have never been stronger.

Plus, with every new franchise location that we open, new customers have a chance to learn about us and, eventually, tell their friends. The bigger we get, the better it is for new franchise operators.

There’s A Family Of Successful Franchisees Here To Help

To help new franchisees achieve their goals, the Bin There Dump That franchise leadership team provides extensive franchise training and ongoing support. However, new franchisees can tap into another great resource as well — other franchise operators!

Our franchise operators routinely share insights, suggestions and feedback with one another and, with more than 60 franchisees and counting, you’ll have plenty of knowledgeable people to lean on and learn from.

There’s Still So Much Room For Growth

When searching for a franchise opportunity, you want to select a system that is still expanding; not one that has plateaued or, worse yet, has over-saturated the market with too many locations.

While our company was founded 14 years ago in Toronto, our expansion into the U.S. began less than four years ago in 2011. Now, we have operations in 17 states — and we’re not done yet. We expect to add our next 100 production vehicles in less than half the time it took to achieve our first 100, and there are many great territories still available throughout the U.S. and Canada for the right franchise operators.

Grab The Keys To Your Truck — And Your Future — Today

David Murphy is the latest franchisee to leave the 9-5 grind behind and pursue his dream of franchise ownership. You could be next! Download our free e-Book and find out how this franchise opportunity can rev up your career!

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