7 Social Platforms For Promoting Your Franchise

Screen_Shot_2014-04-11_at_6.10.23_PMAt its most basic, business is about relationships. There’s a reason Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” has been one of the most popular business books for nearly 80 years. Business savvy is critical, but as a business owner, if you can’t connect with people — your customers — then all the “book knowledge” in the world isn’t going to guarantee a profit.

The good news: Connecting with customers is easier than ever. Social media provides franchise operators with tools to reach a vast audience in a relatively inexpensive way. Nothing will replace a firm handshake and a kind smile, and a little understanding.

But there are only so many handshakes you can make in a day. Various social media sites allow you to reach hundreds, even thousands of potential and existing customers.

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What Do Your Vehicles Say About Your Company?

truck2Studies suggest that more than 50 percent of what we communicate comes from our body language and not the words we use. That non-verbal communications works in business, too. In business, it’s not our facial cues and hand gestures sending mixed signals.

Instead, it’s items like our trucks that serve as a vehicle to convey messages we don’t always intend. What current and potential customers ultimately think about the operation might come more from what they perceive than what they are told.

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