5 Big Ideas From Bin There Dump That’s 2015 Franchise Conference

networking is an important aspect to all franchise conferencesThe 2015 Bin There Dump That Franchise Conference just wrapped up in Atlanta. This year’s event brought together dozens of franchise operators, our franchise leadership team, esteemed guests and speakers and our strategic partners for three days of networking, learning and a whole lot of fun.

Now that the conference is in the rearview mirror, we wanted to share some of the most critical insights and lessons learned at the event with you to propel your franchise — and your career — forward.

Here are five key takeaways from our franchise conference:

Make An Effort To Make Everything Effortless

The theme of this year’s conference was “The Effortless Experience,” based on the best-selling book of the same name. As explained in the book, and as echoed countless times throughout the event, we live in an age where customers don’t want to waste time and energy; they want answers to their questions and access to services as quickly and efficiently as possible. If they don’t immediately get what they want from you, they will likely try to get it from your competitors.

That’s why it is essential for franchise operators to reduce any barriers surrounding their businesses and to remove any hurdles that can slow down your customers and, ultimately, sales.

For example, you need to make your website more intuitive; make your pricing more transparent; and make yourself more available. In other words, do whatever it takes to make their experience effortless.

Invest In A Franchise System That’s Investing In Technology

invest in a franchise that is investing in technologyAn essential component of creating an effortless experience for customers is to make things as effortless as possible for yourself. That’s why having access to the right technology and tools is so important for franchise operators, especially those new to the system or industry who are facing a steep learning curve.

Unfortunately, when it comes to a commitment to technology — and to your success — not all franchise systems are created equal. Therefore, when investigating a franchise, you should take the time to learn about the technology that they are currently using and what plans they have for the future.

At Bin There Dump That, we are committed to delivering technology that makes growing with us as effortless as possible. In the coming months, we will be launching Bin Tracker, a robust, cloud-based program that will empower our franchisees to keep track of their bins, costs, customers and revenues at all times, from all locations — desktop, laptop, mobile device, etc.

Bin Tracker will completely eliminate manual processes, saving our franchise operators and their teams hours every week — hours that can now be reallocated towards more important aspects of the business. Plus, Bin Tracker will provide franchisees with total transparency into their operations, which is imperative as a result of our next key takeaway.

Data Drives Success

When it comes to making smart business decisions, intuition and gut feelings aren’t enough. Nowadays, you need access to the right data to make the right choices, as it can reveal emerging trends, shifts in the marketplace, and potential challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

Bin Tracker will deliver the metrics our franchisees need to make the best decisions for their businesses. For example, it will measure the average number of bins being rented at any given time; the average duration of time a bin is rented; time from order to delivery, etc.

Having access to this data is a great first step, but interpreting that data and knowing what to do with it is what separates successful franchisees from failed franchisees.

That’s why we are forming a performance group. This is an internal team of franchise operators and members of our leadership team that will closely examine the numbers across the franchise system and share relevant, practical and actionable information with every franchise operator. Armed with both the proper data and the proper direction, our franchisees can make the best decisions as effortlessly as possible.

Embrace The Power Of Content Marketing

Marcus Sheridan spoke about content marketing at BTDT's franchise conferenceOur keynote speaker was Marcus Sheridan, also known as “The Sales Lion.” Sheridan helps companies maximize their marketing efforts and dollars by changing the way they think about marketing itself. Instead of creating buzz, marketing should be about creating a connection.

To do that, you need to provide your prospects with information that is both valuable and educational. So instead of selling a product or service, you need to educate people about your industry, your competitors, your value and what makes you different while keeping your customers’ needs and perspective in mind at all times.

Bin There Dump That has embraced content marketing. It’s why we write educational, customer-focused blog posts about dumpster rentals, home renovation best practices, lifestyle tips and more. And it’s why we develop insightful, customer-friendly tools such as our Buyers Guide, which walks people through the process of selecting the right dumpster for them and their budget. These things make us not just another dumpster rental company, but an advocate and resource that customers can trust.

2016 Bin There Dump That Franchise Conference — Be Here Next Year

Franchise conventions and conferences provide a vital forum for franchise operators to network and collaborate with one another, to get introduced to all of the great things going on behind the scenes, and to have open and honest discussions about the current state of the franchise system and where it’s headed in the future. Bin There Dump That’s event is no exception.

Best of all, just like our franchise, the conference is getting bigger and better every year. It started in a hotel basement in Toronto, and has quickly grown in size and scale to become a must-attend event.

Next year’s franchise conference is sure to be the best one yet, and if you want to be invited, we invite you to learn more about becoming a Bin There Dump That franchise operator. After doing your due diligence, we’re confident that you’ll take away the most important lesson of all — that Bin There Dump That is the right choice for you and your future.

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