8 Steps to Franchise Success

Franchises are often an attractive option for many would-be business owners. They offer a number of advantages over creating something from scratch: brand recognition, loyal customers, proven strategies and experienced leadership, just to name a few. But just because a franchise has proven successful doesn’t mean the franchisee will be.

It takes more than deep pockets to turn even the best-laid plans into profit (although deep pockets don’t hurt). There are several factors Bin There Dump That looks for in a franchise owner. Because our franchise owners are representing our company to our customers, we need the right person representing us. Here’s a look at what makes for a successful Bin There Dump That franchisee.


Successful Franchisee Quality #1: Follow The Plan

Bin There Dump That has been around for years. We have a rich history of success, and we’re eager to share our knowledge and experience with you. There’s plenty of room for creativity, but our most successful franchisees follow a well-established plan, not their own agenda.


Successful Franchisee Quality #2: Focus On Results

It’s often been said that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. We have expectations based on your franchise’s market. We’ll help you get there, but our franchisees are expected to meet regular goals.


Successful Franchisee Quality #3: Lose Your Ego

It takes confidence and talent to run a successful franchise. At Bin There Dump That, we want people with the skills and attitude to get the job done. But we’ve been doing this for a long time, and our track record speaks for itself. It’s not about “I”; it’s about “we”. There’s no reason to reinvent our business plan.


Successful Franchisee Quality #4: Take Controlled Risks

Bin There Dump That has a strategy for franchisees to follow. But every community, every situation, is a little different. There are times to drive off the regular route, and successful franchisees know when to follow the main road, when to take a detour and when to take the scenic route.


Successful Franchisee Quality #5: Be An Optimist

Business is hard. No matter how good a system is, somewhere along the way something unexpected is bound to happen. The right attitude is as important as the right strategy. When adversity strikes, employees look to and take cues from their leader. If you project a negative vibe, they’ll pick up on that and share it with your customers. A positive attitude is infectious and helps carry everyone through tough times.


Successful Franchisee Quality #6: Be Resilient

Bad things happen. And sometimes, despite your best efforts, they won’t or can’t be righted, right away. Sometimes bad stuff happens to good business owners. And good business owners use their optimism to bounce back. As Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”


Successful Franchisee Quality #7: Be A Leader

Every employee knows there is a huge difference between a boss and a leader: A boss makes the rules employees must follow, but a leader is someone employees want to follow.


Successful Franchisee Quality #8: Know Your Limits

The smartest business leaders know what they’re good at, and maybe more importantly, where they have deficiencies. Good leaders hire people who can shore up those areas where they’re limited. Finding the right people and letting them do their jobs is key for any operation.


Could You Be A Successful Franchisee?

If these qualities sound like you, why not explore a franchise with Bin There Dump That? Our industry isn’t the sexiest one, but a franchise can be incredibly fun and rewarding. Visit our website to explore more of the advantages of being a franchisee, or download our free franchise kit and find out for sure whether being a franchisee is for you.

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