What’s In A Name: How A Catchy Franchise Name Can Help You Cash In

There are a lot of notable names on television. On Thursday, October 8, Bin There Dump That became one of them.

The hosts of Good Morning America highlighted their favorite “punny” business names in the United States. Of more than 1,900 companies identified by Atlas Obscura, Bin There Dump That was one of only four to make Good Morning America’s list in a segment called Pop News.

In the following, we take a closer look at the business benefits of a great brand name. Like Good Morning America host Lara Spencer said, “A little punny business never hurt anybody… It makes you smile.”


The Business Benefits Of A Great Brand Name

Though we love to make people smile, especially our customers, a catchy name like Bin There Dump That can do more than make people grin; it can make you a lot of green. That’s because having a memorable, unique brand name offers a significant competitive advantage to our franchisees.

“Many of your potential customers might know virtually nothing about your company, product or service, and a great name can make a great first impression and open doors,” according to Marketing MO, makers of a popular marketing strategy app.

A Company — And A Name — Is Born

Mark Crossett founder of Bin There Dump That and original franchise operatorAs a matter of fact, the Bin There Dump That name has been opening doors since the company was founded by Mark Crossett in 2001.

Mark, now a member of our franchise leadership team, was a general contractor in Toronto whose primary focus was residential renovations. Over the years, he grew frustrated with the old, rusty and dirty dumpsters that were available in his area — many of which were too big to fit in a driveway or narrow street.

When he searched for a better, cleaner, lighter and more residential-friendly alternative, he found that there weren’t any. Thus, he took matters into his own hands, purchasing a truck with a hook/lift assembly attached to the back and ordering four small bins from a local steel-fabricating company.

He knew he had a great idea, but what he needed was a great name. Eventually he came up with Bin There Dump That.

The name, which was featured prominently on the side of his truck and on the outside of the bins, generated a lot of looks — and a lot of laughs — but, more importantly, it also generated a lot of leads for his business. Within two years, Mark grew his operations to include two trucks and more than 50 bins.

Today, our name can be seen on trucks and bins throughout the United States and Canada, as there are more than 60 franchise operators and 100 trucks on the road. And, thanks to our strategic franchise advertising initiatives, it can also be seen on the W Network and HGTV, as we are the official bin suppliers to The Property Brothers; on the ice we are a sponsor of The Grand Slam Of Curling and at the top of results on Angie’s List.

A Name That Speaks For Itself

a great brand name can make a great first impression on potential customers and open doorsWhile the Bin There Dump That name is certainly catchy, what’s equally important is the fact that it captures and conveys the essence of our company. We’re fresh, we’re friendly and we are unique in the marketplace — just as our name suggests.

Jeff Sykes, Bin There Dump That Digital Marketing Specialist, works directly with our franchisees throughout North America. He knows that our name resonates with customers and helps our brand stand out in the marketplace.

“The brand of Bin There Dump That has separated ourselves from the competition by specializing in residential friendly dumpster rentals,” he said. “We’ve taken an industry that is, by and large, considered rusty and rundown, to a cleaner, more customer-centric approach, allowing anyone who needs a dumpster to have the best possible experience when discarding their waste.

“Our franchise operators are the best ambassadors for this brand, and every time a customer says “we love the name,’ it reinforces that feeling that we’re truly the best in the business.”

Now That You Know What’s In Our Name, Find Out How To Get On Our Team

We’ve got a great name; but we know that doesn’t mean anything unless our franchisees are thriving. That’s why we do everything we can to set them up for success, including providing hands-on training, ongoing support, expert guidance and generous franchise territories. You name it, we do it!

If you are interested in adding your name to the growing list of happy franchisees, we invite you to start the process by requesting a free franchise kit today.

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