The Road To Becoming A Franchise Operator — In 6 Steps

Business can be tough. And while there are never guarantees of success, there are certainly a number of ways to minimize the risks. Becoming the owner of a franchise is one great way to get a jump-start on success.


Bin There Dump That has helped turn many savvy business-minded individuals into profitable and thriving business owners. But a keen business sense is only one important factor we look for in Bin There Dump That franchise operators. In fact, one of the most important steps takes place long before the business cards are printed and the bank accounts are opened.

The road to a franchise agreement is a process between partners. That process is carefully designed make sure that not only are the potential franchise operators a good fit for Bin There Dump That, but also that Bin There Dump That is a good fit for prospective franchise operators.

Our process is an exploration through which both sides decide whether the future will involve a partnership. The awarding process begins as potential business owners perform a structured investigation into Bin There Dump That called “due diligence.”

The process starts by exploring our website, followed by downloading the Franchise Information Kit. The rest flows from there.

By the end of this exploratory process, you will know whether Bin There Dump That is the right franchise for you. And we will know whether you’re a good fit for a franchise.

Step 1: Initial Phone Call

We begin with an exploratory phone call. We’ll get some background on you and explain our thinking and what we’re looking for in franchise owners. Based on the conversation, we’ll both determine if you’re ready and qualified to move forward.

Step 2: Brand Overview Webinar

The next step involves a 60- to 75-minute online presentation, scheduled at your convenience. During the presentation you’ll learn more about our organization. The presentation helps set expectations.

Step 3: Request for Consideration

If both sides are still interested in moving forward, the potential franchise operators are ask to complete Request for Consideration (RFC). At that point we will conduct a comprehensive and detailed BTDT Marketing Discussion.

Step 4: Validation

The owners of Bin There Dump That know we have a great franchise. You’re certainly not going to hear an unbiased opinion from us. The validation process involves calling existing franchisees to evaluate their level of satisfaction and success.

This step allows you to learn for yourself that the Bin There Dump That business model works and makes money.

Step 5: Franchise Disclosure Document

In this step you receive the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). That document begins outlining your exclusive territory, demographics and ZIP codes.

Step 6: Fork In The Road

All the particulars are pretty much in place, but there are a few things to cover. And those things need to be done in person. For this, the prospective franchise operator schedules a discussion with someone from Bin There Dump That who travels to them for discussions.

The future franchise operator may also travel to Toronto for a formal Discovery Day.

After those six steps are complete, it’s time for a choice to be made! And that’s when the real magic begins.

Ready to start the process of becoming a Bin There Dump That franchise operator? Download our FREE Franchise Kit to learn more.

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