Franchise Operator Spotlight: Becoming a Household Name In Indianapolis

Franchise Operator Spotlight: Becoming a Household Name In IndianapolisJames Spink spent 15 years living out of a suitcase. He worked around the country coordinating events for motor sports and decided it was time to spend time with his newly expanded family.

“That’s one of the reasons this was appealing to us,” says Spink, franchise operator for the Indianapolis Bin There Dump That franchise. Spink didn’t want to miss out on watching his now 2-year-old son Kanon grow up.

Spink and his wife, Lori, spent nearly a year and a half exploring a number of career paths and business options before settling on a Bin There Dump That franchise. He cites just one regret: not starting it sooner.

Bin There Dump That Rookies of the Year

Clearly the pair is doing something right, earning Bin There Dump That’s “Rookie of the Year” honors at our annual meeting.

Spink confesses he’s not sure why exactly his organization was selected from amongst the other, but it might have had to do something with the franchise’s rapid growth. Spink says they had to throw the original business plan “out the window” after the division reached its 12- to 18-month sales goals in three to four months.

In addition to being named Rookie of the Year, the Spinks were also recently featured in Entrepreneur magazine.

Advertising Like Crazy

Franchise Operator Spotlight: Becoming a Household Name In Indianapolis“While Bin There Dump That a great brand, it’s not a household name like McDonald’s or Macy’s,” Spink says. The Indianapolis franchise operators fought to overcome that by ramping up their advertising spend.

Everything the franchise did advertising-wise was to get that brand name out there to educate the public about how the company could help customers, Spink says.

“A lot of people are attracted to the bright green bins, and the name is catchy,” Spink says. “But there is synergy with home improvement, remodeling and construction. We enjoy working in that space.”

The Spinks utilized every tool at their disposal, taking a grassroots approach with a combination of online, print, television and even home shows. They’re also a member of the local chamber of commerce and used the chamber’s database to reach out to fellow members. “We made cold calls, attended meetings, and nurtured relationships,” Spink says. “We have several thousand people that we hit in Indy.”

Responding To Constant Change

Spink and his wife use what they’ve learned in previous careers — as well as what’s worked for other franchise operators. Not a day goes by where Spink doesn’t talk with another franchise operator. Their insight is invaluable.

Return on their advertising investment is important, but it’s not the end-all, be-all: “We’ve changed the marketing strategy from year one to year two,” Spink says. “How people get their news and information is different and depends on their demographic. A 75-year-old is different than a 25-year-old buying his first house.”

No matter which audience he’s trying to reach, Spink follows a simple rule: Work on the business, not in the business.

“We’ve got a good team around us,” he says. “Whether it’s a lawn care service or this, you’re only as good as the people around you.”

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