Franchise Operator Spotlight: Finding A Flexible Career Path In Alaska

Greg Green is a Bin There Dump That franchisee operating the Anchorage Alaska locationGreg Green has lived in Anchorage, Alaska for more than 40 years. Over that time, he’s built strong relationships, a great life and a few successful businesses. In fact, in a sporting goods chain with more than 600 franchise locations, Greg’s store consistently had the best sales figures.

Despite the strong sales numbers, after a few years, Greg wanted to get out from behind the register.

“It was just time to move on,” he said. “It was eating me up a little bit, so I went back, sold it, and took a little bit of time off. I eventually went to work in the oil fields.”

Ten years later, after a decade of hard, backbreaking work in the Alaskan oil fields, Greg again sought a change of scenery. This time, he had two requirements — he wanted more flexibility, and he wanted to be part of a franchise.

He found both with Bin There Dump That and, in 2013, he started Bin There Dump That – Anchorage.

Franchising: Strength In Numbers

Greg was fond of franchising from his previous experience with the sporting goods store. In particular, he liked the fact that he could be the head of his own business while still having the strength and support of a larger organization behind him.

“The reason that I picked a franchise is that I’ve been in franchises before, and I know that there’s power in numbers,” he said. “There’s someone always to fall back on. If you have problems, you can call corporate and they are great. They can answer anything and help you out, look at your numbers and, if you run into some kind of problems that you can’t solve, you can always call up any of the other franchisees and they’re all willing to help you out, too.

“We’re all in this together; we’re all working towards a common goal. I think it’s great to have other people who have been there and know what’s happening, who can tell you what works and what doesn’t.”

Customer Focus Fuels Success

Greg Green turned decided to start a Bin There Dump That franchise because it offered plenty of flexibility and control over his daily scheduleSince starting the franchise, Greg has learned firsthand that what works, time and time again, is providing great customer service.

“The main thing that can make people successful is concentrating on the customer. If the customer is happy, then we’re all happy,” he said.

Greg doesn’t just talk about customer service and “Delivering The Friendly,” he executes it for every order by keeping his bins clean, arriving on time and making himself available to the homeowners and contractors in the local area.

“Literally everybody that we’ve taken bins to, they just love us, and I believe the reason is because we do what we say we’re going to do,” he said. “If we say we’re going to drop a bin at 8 o’clock, we drop it at 8 o’clock and we’re really quick about picking it up as well.”

This commitment to customer service has led to a loyal customer base — and lots of repeat business.

“We bend over backwards to make sure the job is just right for them, and they take notice,” he said. “So after we do a job, they realize that we are here to stay and they call us back. In fact, a lot of people that use us call us, literally, four or five times a year.”

The number of repeat customers is impressive. So too, is the growth that Greg has experienced in a little less than three years.

“I started off with one truck and ten bins and, within a few months, I ordered another set of ten bins,” Greg recalled. “Right now, I’ve got 53 bins and two trucks, and I’m getting ready to purchase another 10-20 bins and another truck.”

Lessons Learned

Greg’s growth has been unstoppable. However, it was also somewhat unplanned for.

Greg advises all future franchisees to develop a strong business plan and acquire the franchise funding necessary to take the next step when it’s time to grow the business.

“You have to come into it with a plan,” he said. “I didn’t foresee that I was going to grow as quick as I did, but you have to have your financing in place and make sure that you have room to expand in this business because you can grow really fast … Just make sure you have working capital to get you through.”

Where He Wants To Be

Greg takes immense pride in the fact that he’s been able to build a company in his hometown; one that helps people improve their homes and their businesses while offering a local touch.

“I think a lot of people here look for local people to do their jobs,” he said. “I think that adds to [why I’ve been successful], the fact that I’m from here, that I’m not just an 800 number that they call. They know that I’m here, they know they can reach me, and that if they have any problems, I’ll take care of them.”

As happy as his customers are with the franchise, Greg is even more thrilled.

“I’m building my own company now instead of working for somebody else, and I feel really good about that,” he said. “I can schedule my own stuff and do what I want to do and do what I think is right instead of doing what somebody else wants all the time and making them money.”

If you are looking to heat up your career and start a franchise, we invite you to learn more about becoming a Bin There Dump That franchise operator.


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