How Often Will I Communicate With The Home Office?

How Often Will I Communicate With The Home Office?There was an era when children were able to play outside until it got dark. They came inside when the streetlights came on. Today, helicopter parents keep constant tabs on their child’s every move. And as they grow, different children have different needs.

Times have certainly changed. It might not be safe to let children spend hours and hours unsupervised, but constant hovering doesn’t allow the child to grow. Somewhere in between total independence and suffocating supervision is the right amount of involvement.

A franchise business is not so different. Some franchisors hand over their names and let their franchise operators to fend for themselves. Others put in place such tight controls that there’s little room for growth. At Bin There Dump That, we like to think we offer the right amount of supervision at the right time. Here’s a look at how often you, the franchise operator, may communicate with the home office.

The Early Days

Early on, children need near constant supervision and protection from the older, wiser and more experienced parent.

Similarly, early in a relationship, a good franchise support team works with a new franchise operator on a daily basis. The corporate office will be there throughout the start-up phase to ensure the franchise operator has all the tools and systems needed to prepare the business and make sure everyone and everything is ready when it’s time to open the doors.

A Business’s Adolescence

As children gets older and becomes seeks more independence, good parents stand back and watch them gain confidence and learn to the make smart decisions, not necessarily the easy ones. A parent is always there to lend a hand or offer advice when needed.

Once franchise operators move beyond the start-up phase, communication happens on more of an on-demand basis for many franchises.

At Full Maturity

Of course, even when children move out of the house, they don’t cut ties with their parents. So, too, it is with the franchise operator. We all need advice from mom and dad once in awhile.

If a franchise operator has a question or requires support, help is only a phone call or email away. There will always be somebody at the home office to answer a question or offer some sage advice.

How We Do Things

How Often Will I Communicate With The Home Office?The Bin There Dump That support team communicates with franchise operators on a weekly basis, requesting feedback using a weekly “check-in survey,” which allows franchise operators to let the home office know if they need some assistance or if everything is running smoothly.

The Bin There Dump That support team visits new franchises between three and nine months of operation to perform an on-site visit. The support team rep sees first hand how the business is operating and makes recommendations to help the franchisee improve profitability, efficiency or help them to recognize when it’s time to plan for growth.

Additionally, the Bin There Dump That support team will collaborate with franchise operators on improving their profit margins through regular analysis of their ‘sales and expense’ worksheets, through scheduled phone calls.

Of course, not all the communication is so formal. On a quarterly basis the Bin There Dump That sends out “Trash Talk,” a network newsletter highlighting news and events within the Bin There Dump That brand.

And just as technology has changed how everyone communicates, Bin There Dump That taps social media to reach franchise operators. The company posts weekly in a Facebook Group and encourages engagement in that group.

If you’re interested in pursuing a new business opportunity, visit the Bin There Dump That franchise website.

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