Life As A Franchise Operator: How Does It Compare To Independent Business?

The free enterprise system is perhaps the ultimate meritocracy. Every business owner succeeds or fails on his or her skills, personality and business acumen. Find a better way to do something than a competitor, figure out how to offer a better value, run an operation more efficiently — and a business owner will likely find success.

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That said, how business owners approach their businesses is as varied as their personalities. There’s a business style to match every personality.

We’ve explored the differences between franchises and independent business owners. Now we’ll take a more in-depth look at the differences between the two when it comes to three key aspects of running a business: autonomy, hiring and support.


The Franchise Operator

A franchise operator follows a company’s proven business model. The Bin There Dump That model, for example, has been tested in a variety of markets and economic conditions. Our franchise operators expected to follow a business model, though we don’t ask for blind allegiance.

We explain our reasons and processes, and you’ll know long before you open your doors if a franchise is a good fit for you. But just because you follow a model doesn’t mean you have no control over most aspect of the business. There is still a great deal of autonomy.

For example, in terms of hiring, firing and the day-to-day operation of a Bin There Dump That franchise, the autonomy is very much there.

The Independent Business Owner

It’s all about the business owner. If you’re the pioneering sort, you’ll love the total freedom your own independent business offers. If the excitement and risk of independence is part of the draw, then an independent business is likely the right choice.

Of course, there’s a greater risk of failure if you get it wrong: An independent business owner has no model to follow and no track record of success.

Employee Training

The Franchise Operator

Living the Life of a Franchise OperatorOne of the most important things any business owner (and really any employee) can do is continue learning. There are always new approaches and new strategies. At Bin There Dump That, continuing education is one of the more important aspects of our approach.

As a franchise operator, you’ll likely attend a corporate training session, but it’ll be up to you to train your staff on what you’ve learned.

The home office will support you with training materials and continuing education.

The Independent Business Owner

Though there’s a good chance you’ll be doing the work of many employees in the first couple of years, at some point you will likely hire some help. Employee training is crucial as your business begins to grow. You’ll need to develop training processes and materials to bring new hires up to speed.

You’ll certainly learn along the way, but that education often comes by figuring out what went wrong and learning not to do it again.

That’s not to say franchise operators don’t make mistakes. They do. But franchise operators have the advantage of learning what others have done wrong and avoiding those mistakes in the first place.

Corporate Support

The Franchise Operator

With a strong franchise business, the home office will be there to support your efforts as long as you’re doing your part, too.

Bin There Dump That makes sure that our franchise operators receive the support they need from the very beginning. That includes training in all aspects of running a franchise operation.

The Independent Business Owner

There’s no corporate support when you’re starting from scratch — for better or worse, you’re on your own. You can seek advice from others, but you won’t find anyone else who is as vested in your operation’s success as you are.

Which New Business Opportunity Is Right For You?

Whether you choose a franchise or go off on your own isn’t a matter of right or wrong. Both approaches have a their advantages. It’s more a matter of what’s right for your personality and management style.

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