Franchising FAQ: What Are The Best Continuing Education Resources For Small Business Owners?

continuing education is essential for small business owners and franchiseesIt is imperative to educate yourself before starting a franchise. However, your education can’t end after the business begins. It’s important to continually sharpen your skills and expand your knowledge in order to remain ahead of the curve — and your competition.

That’s why we put together this list of the best continuing education resources for small business owners. Check them out and let your learning begin.

Your Local College Or University

If you prefer hands-on, instructor-led learning, then there is no substitute for a traditional classroom setting. Perhaps you’d like to learn a new language to better communicate with people of different demographics in your neighborhood, or you are interested in getting comfortable with an emerging technology in your field. Either way, check out your local college or university to see if it offers a course that fits your needs.

Online Learning

online courses can be valuable for new franchisees who need to devote a lot of time to getting their companies off the groundWhile enrolling in a college or university may seem ideal, it can often be too much of a commitment for business owners, especially new franchisees who need to devote a lot of time and energy to getting their companies off the ground.

That’s why online courses can be so valuable. You can learn at your own pace — and your own schedule.

Best of all, the topics are virtually limitless. For example, one of the best and most popular online learning sites, Lynda, offers 749 business and professional development courses, as well as hundreds more in areas such as marketing and sales, web design, photography and many others.

Trade Groups

Networking is essential when it comes to franchise marketing. However, it can also play a pivotal role in your education. Many trade groups and organizations offer professional development and training opportunities. Even better, these sessions are often provided to members for a deep discount or, occasionally, for free.

The Franchise Leadership Team

One of the main advantages of starting a franchise as opposed to an independent business is the fact that you will have a team of experienced professionals to lean on. However, the best franchise leadership teams aren’t just there for you when times get tough; instead they provide proactive and ongoing training to give their franchisees an edge.  

At Bin There Dump That, we provide hands-on training opportunities to our franchise operators all year long. We also host an annual franchise conference where we share new ideas and best practices.

Other Franchisees

your industry peers are an excellent continuing education resourceImagine having access to someone who has been in your shoes, had the same questions you do, has experienced your challenges, and who has an intimate understanding of what it takes to succeed as the head of a franchise?

When you are a Bin There Dump That franchisee, you don’t have to imagine; you just need to pick up the phone and pick their brain.

Our franchise operators are there for one another, willing to lend a hand and provide advice to new franchisees.

If you are looking to become part of a growing, successful franchise, we invite you to learn more about becoming a part of the growing Bin There Dump That family of franchise operators.

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