Franchising FAQ: What Kind Of Flexibility Comes With Owning A Franchise?

franchise ownership empowers you to take control of your time, career and lifePeople value their time. Unfortunately, most bosses don’t. In fact, a recent study by Ernst & Young found that two of the top five reasons why workers quit their jobs are a lack of flexibility and having to work excessive hours.

So does owning a franchise come with flexibility?

If you are fed up with a lack of flexibility in your current career, then franchising could be a great option for you. Here are some examples to help answer that franchising FAQ.

The Flexibility To Work From Home

Imagine not having a commute, not sitting in claustrophobia-causing cubicles, and avoiding petty office politics. For people that work from home, they don’t have to imagine — it’s reality.

While not all franchise systems allow you to work from home, Bin There Dump That does, and many of our franchisees enjoy the flexibility that comes with working out of a home office. However, while telecommuting can be an attractive option, it can also be a challenge.

That’s why we provide our franchise operators with the tips and training they need to stay productive when working from home.

The Flexibility To Set Your Own Schedule

franchise ownership lets you set your own scheduleAs the head of your own franchise, you will have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders — meeting with clients, researching competitors, making sales calls and networking, just to name a few.

Fortunately, you can decide which tasks to tackle and when, and then tailor your time to meet your objectives and priorities — not someone else’s.

The Flexibility To Adapt Over Time

The first few years of franchise ownership are the most challenging, demanding and stressful, just as they are in any business venture. However, after that initial period, you will likely be able to lighten your workload and achieve work/life balance.

The Flexibility To Try New Things

As a franchise operator, your job description will constantly evolve and change. From hour to hour, day to day, and week to week, you can go from sales executive to event planner to driver to accountant — and back again.

Having the freedom to learn new things and grow professionally is extremely empowering and rewarding.

The Flexibility To Build Your Own Company Culture

owning a franchise grants you the flexibility to build your own company cultureCorporate culture can make a company great to work for — or it can break down the people who work within it.

As a franchisee, you can set the tone for your entire operation, including the policies, procedures, communication and attitudes, to make your business a great place for employees.

That will really come in handy when hiring for your franchise, as you’ll be able to attract the best candidates to your team.

Ready To Put More Flexibility Into Your Future?

As you can see, becoming a Bin There Dump That franchise operator is a great way to enjoy greater professional flexibility.

But how can you start the process? Download our free e-Book to get the answers you need to transition from frustrated employee to successful franchisee.
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