Do You Need A Lawyer As You Start Your Franchise? Attorney Jokes Aside, Yes You Do!

Do You Need A Lawyer As You Start Your Franchise?Q: What do you call 1,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?
A: A good start.

Q: What do you call a lawyer buried up to his neck in sand?
A: Not enough sand.

Q: What do you call an attorney when you’re looking at buying a franchise?
A: A good idea.

The Bin There Dump That home office has a vested interest in the success of our franchise operators. Trying to sneak something by a potential franchise operator doesn’t do anyone any good in the long run. That would hurt the relationship and we’d likely develop a reputation as an underhanded partner. That’s not what we’re about. We deal fairly with our franchise operators and expect the same in return.

That said: It’s never a bad idea to have an experienced franchise attorney review your franchise agreement — and all other legal documents you’re being asked to sign — so that you are completely aware of all the ramifications of signing on the dotted line.  Understanding all the terms of your franchise agreement, whether you’re embarking on a Bin There Dump That franchise or another, just makes good business sense, even when neither party is looking to sneak something past the other.

We’ve had lawyers looking over our materials for years. Why shouldn’t you be afforded the same opportunity? We’re both investing a great deal into the process — money, time, and energy — so it makes sense that all parties need to understand the relationship between the franchise operator, the franchisor and the other franchise operators in the system.

Incidentally, just because your brother-in-law eked out a passing grade on his third attempt taking the bar exam doesn’t make him the best choice to review any of your legal documents — even if he’s cheap.

Franchise agreements are not run-of-the-mill contracts. Take time to find an attorney with franchise experience.

Due Diligence

Do You Need A Lawyer As You Start Your Franchise?At Bin There Dump That we want our franchise operators to succeed. First and foremost, the franchise agreement is designed to protect the brand and the network from the one bad apple who may get it under the radar.  We want to grow with and through our franchise operators. Whenever two parties enter into a contract it only makes sense to have an expert review the particulars. Even if the big picture items are the same, each contract is a little different, and an experienced franchise attorney can help the franchise operator completely understand how the agreement will benefit the entire franchise network.

Settling the Variables

One of the beautiful aspects of the English language is its nuance. A given word can have several different meanings and even more connotations. Sometimes even the way a word is used can change its meaning. When it comes to legal proceedings that beauty can be a nightmare. When two parties differ on the definition of a term, we have a problem. For example, each franchise operator has a territory that he or she can claim as his or her own. The legal definition of what constitutes the boundaries of a given city, township, municipality, county, hamlet, village, region or community are pretty rigid. How an individual who lives in the area might define them might not conform to letter of the law. A lawyer can help clarify those and other variables in a contract.

Clarifying Problems

Again, we’re here to help our Bin There Dump That franchise operators to succeed. Somewhere along the way there might be a disagreement.

Most issues we can work through without a problem. On the very rare occasion it moves beyond that stage, the franchise license agreement should clearly define the terms of the relationship.

Laws Vary

Bin There Dump That has franchises in two countries, plus several states and provinces within those countries. Each governmental body creates its own rules and regulations. Some communities, for example, regulate the size of a business’s sign and number of colors it can have. They might regulate whether a business can be operated out of a home.

Having an attorney at your disposal can help franchise operators maneuver through these types of legal issues.

Get Started!

To share your best lawyer joke or to learn more about how you can get started with a Bin There Dump That franchise, give us a call at 905-823-8550. You can also download our free franchise kit or start the official process by taking our free Franchise Personality Assessment.                      

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