Franchising FAQ: What Franchise Marketing Tactics Helped Grow Your Operation?

marketing-man-person-communicationAt Bin There Dump That, we know that we have a great product and an unbeatable service model. However, in order for our franchisees to thrive, their potential customers need to know it, too — and a successful franchise marketing strategy is essential to making that happen.

But how can you create a strategy that works for you? To find out, we asked our own franchise operators from throughout North America to weigh in.

Here are the top franchise marketing tactics that helped them grow their franchises, and that you can use to grow yours.

Take Advantage Of Networking Opportunities

Building a solid network is essential to building a successful business, and it is extremely easy to do if you are willing to put in the time. That’s because, no matter where you live, chances are there are professional groups, trade associations and community organizations in your area, and you should not only join them, but become active within them.

Patrick Daley, Founder of Bin There Dump That – Sarasota, is a big proponent of networking. When he first relocated from Canada to Florida, he joined several local clubs in an effort to get to know people in his new community, and these efforts have paid off in the form of customers and referrals.

Find Ways To Get In Touch

Ben Bosch, Founder of Bin There Dump That – Grand Rapids, carries a notebook everywhere he goes. This way, when he meets a new potential customer, or passes a contractor’s truck, he can jot down their names. When he returns to his office, he’ll research these new contacts to learn more about them and their needs.

Armed with this information, Ben distributes personalized postcards.

“I’ll try to do at least 10 [postcards] a week for three days a week – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,” he said. Sometimes, Ben will send out as many as 30 communications per week.

In addition, Ben also makes phone calls, sends emails and stops by their offices with business cards and gifts.

Ben calls these interactions “touches,” and he tries to create as many as possible. You should, too.

Get Savvy On Social Media


Social media offers a great tool for creating additional touches with current and potential customers. However, it is important to view social media not as a selling tool, but as an engagement tool. Therefore, rather than posting pricing and sales information, you want to post material that informs, educates and ignites discussion while solidifying your reputation as an expert.

Tanya Storey, Co-Founder of Bin There Dump That – Kelowna, recognizes the importance of posting compelling content, and she always thinks about what would be interesting to her as a consumer as opposed to a seller.

There are many social media sites and platforms out there, but Facebook can be a particularly valuable venue for franchisees, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Tanya only spends about $30 a month on Facebook ads, but she believes it is one of the most effective ways to strengthen awareness of a company.

Try Everything

Bin There Dump That – Victoria, British Columbia Founders Mark and Alena Huntjens have taken an all-encompassing approach to franchise marketing. They’ve utilized methods both high-tech and high-touch, digital and analog, old school and new age. This willingness to explore all options allowed them to identify two very effective — but very different — marketing methods.

The first is Google advertising, which has become their most effective marketing channel and accounts for 50 percent of the franchise’s sales. Right behind that is a surprisingly successful source of revenue — door hangers.

“We put door hangers five houses up and five houses down from every bin we deliver, and that has really worked out great,” Alena said. “On an average, for every ten door hangers we put out, we get one customer.”

Partner With Local Contractors

According to Mark Crossett, the original Owner and Founder of Bin There Dump That and the current leader of Bin There Dump That – Mississauga, it is important to build relationships with local contractors.

“In our business, one of our sayings is ‘bins sell bins,’ and contractors are more likely to have our containers on site for longer than homeowners,” Mark said. “When a contractor has a bin, he may have it for two weeks. Having that bin on a residential driveway for two weeks is great because, if you are driving by every day for two weeks and you see that dumpster, it’s going to stick in your head, so when you need to order a dumpster, you’ll probably call us.”

Deliver The Best Service And Experience Possible

Screen_Shot_2015-09-24_at_10.50.50_AMOne thing that every franchisee we spoke to mentioned was the importance of embracing our company’s mission to “deliver the friendly.”

By delivering a great customer service experience, franchisees can distinguish their companies from competitors, creating a loyal following and a source of referrals.

Ben summed it up, as follows:

“Deliver superior service on the phone and in the truck,” he said. “Be friendly, humble and honest; people are not used to that from a dumpster company.”

Take Advantage Of Franchise-Wide Marketing Efforts

Marketing is all about getting the word out, and when you are part of the Bin There Dump That family, you can be sure that we will be spreading the word on your behalf.

Some of our successful, strategic franchise marketing efforts include:

  • Serving as the official bin suppliers to The Property Brothers on HGTV and W Network
  • Sponsoring Team Glenn Howard Curling, one of the most popular and well known curling teams in all of Canada
  • Maintaining a national partnership with Angie’s List that ensures our franchisees are prominently featured in search results on the popular site

Now that you have the FAQs about franchise marketing, get the facts about joining Bin There Dump That. Request your free franchise kit today.

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