Getting Started: How Successful Will Your New Franchise Be?

Getting Started: How Successful Will Your New Franchise Be?Sugarcoating information is a bad idea. While working with Bin There Dump That franchise operators across the United States and Canada, we’ve learned it’s best to shoot from the hip and tell it like it is. When information is direct, honest and free flowing, it’s only then you can make smart decisions regarding a Bin There Dump That franchise and where it fits into your business plans.

Owning a small business is not for the faint of heart. With all of the likely research you’ve done up to this point, there’s a good chance you already knew that.

Unfortunately, the odds aren’t necessarily favorable for those entrepreneurs with new businesses. For example, a survey from the U.S. Commerce Dept. shows nearly 30 percent of small businesses fail in their first year. After five years, only 20 percent will still have their open signs on.

But, let’s not (negatively) get ahead of ourselves. You know those “odds” we mentioned? That’s something worth revisiting. If you comb through all of the information out there, you’ll find that your chances are greatly improved when that business you own is part of an established franchise.

In a recent study by franchise brokerage firm FranNet, 1,500 individuals who purchased a franchise between 2006 and 2010 were surveyed — and approximately 91 percent of their franchises lasted at least two years. After five years, 85 percent were still going strong.

In an article, former FranNet broker Joel Libava agrees, “A lot of things have to line up, and if they do, I feel in my heart a franchise operator has a better chance of success than an independent startup.”

Good timing, funding and territory – these are just a few of the planets you’ll want aligned to ensure startup success. Let’s take a look at three reasons working with an established franchise like Bin There Dump That sets you up for success.

You’re Not Starting From Scratch

Getting Started: How Successful Will Your New Franchise Be?From recognizable branding and tested marketing to managerial training and structure, working with a franchisor like Bin There Dump That means a formula for success has already been established and proven with existing franchisees.

You’re In Good Company

Bin There Dump That succeeds if you succeed. It’s that simple. Our franchise operators know the challenges you’ll face because they’ve been through them.

Drawing from their valuable experience provides solutions that will help you overcome obstacles along the way. After all, Bin There Dump That is a leader in the $40 billion trash management industry.

Training Is Included — And Essential

Before you open for business, we require every franchise operator to go through our formal training process – Bin Learnin’ University. From boosting sales to cultivating the right attitude, we want to make sure you hit the ground running (and in the right direction). We’re your support staff. Lean on us anytime.

Capitalize On The Franchise Operator’s Advantage

Becoming a Bin There Dump That franchise operator isn’t without risk. But the advantages can’t be ignored, either. Compared to an independent startup, franchisee risks are fewer, more manageable and, in some cases, predictable.

Visit our Bin There Dump That franchise website to take an even closer look at what it takes to become our next franchise operator.

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