Why Franchises Are A Great Fit For Military Veterans

Why Franchises Are A Great Fit For Military VeteransIt happens after every major offensive: Men and women return from military service and find themselves without jobs. After years dedicating themselves to protecting their country, veterans often have a difficult time returning to the workforce. And even though the economy has slowly begun to improve, the past several years have been particularly difficult.

The option, then, for many veterans is to go to work for themselves. The training and experience developed by members of the military provide them with the tools that that translate well into franchise operators.

Those same qualities that make good soldiers also make for good franchise operators: logistics, adaptability, leadership, discipline, standard operating procedure and execution of a clearly defined mission. A Bin There Dump That franchise might be a perfect fit for many veterans.

We encourage veterans to consider a Bin There Dump That franchise and proudly offer a royalty-free incentive to make it easier for veterans to get started. Here are a few reasons franchises are perfect for military veterans.

Franchises Are Portable, Home-Based Businesses

The issues many veterans face on the battlefield don’t compare with the challenges with running a business — and we’ll never pretend that they do.

And we understand the transition to civilian life and business owner can take some time. Having the ability to work from home can help many veterans ease into their new lives.

Veterans Can Waive Royalty Fees

Bin There Dump That will waive the franchise royalty fees on the first truck for the first year of the veterans operation as a token of appreciation. During the due diligence investigation, Bin There Dump That executives will also direct and educate veterans regarding other ways they can take advantage of special programs designed to help them.

Franchises Offer Support for Veterans

Why Franchises Are A Great Fit For Military VeteransAt Bin There Dump That we want to make sure any potential franchise operator is a good fit for the organization.

We use a simple, six-step guided investigation to help prospective franchise operators decide whether Bin There Dump That is for them. This is the core of what makes franchising so successful — the system.

Military personnel are used to a structured environment, so it may make sense to use the same approach in setting up and running a business.

Training is nothing new for veterans. And at Bin There Dump That we take our training very seriously — for all our franchise operators. Before they open their doors, franchise operators will undergo carefully designed training on all aspects of the operation.

Organizations Are Eager To Help Veterans

A franchise fee discount and waiving the royalty fee on the first truck are two things Bin There Dump That does to help veterans. But there are several other outside organizations that can make the purchase of a franchise easier for veterans.

The International Franchise Association’s Vetfran program

Why Franchises Are A Great Fit For Military VeteransThe IFA Vetfran program helps returning service members access franchise opportunities through training, financial assistance, and industry support.

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the International Franchise Association relaunched its campaign to help U.S. military veterans — and continues to help returning service members access franchise opportunities.

VetFran works with more than 580 franchise systems to provide financial incentives and mentoring to prospective veteran franchise operators, and it’s helped thousands of veterans become small business owners since then.

Small Business Administration’s Patriot loan program

Beginning in January 2014, veterans began receiving a break on Small Business Administration loans. The SBA announced it will charge no upfront borrower fees on loans of up to $350,000 made to veterans through its SBA Express program.

According to the veterans administration website, the SBA backed $1.9 billion in loans to 3,094 veteran-owned businesses in 2013.

Take The First Steps

If you’re an enterprising veteran or just interested in finding out whether a Bin There Dump That franchise is the right choice for you, take our free Franchise Personality Assessment. You can also download our infographic comparing franchise businesses to independent businesses.

And for more tips on running a franchise — including stories from some of our most successful franchise operators — visit our blog.

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