8 Productivity Tips For Home-Based Franchises

If you are tired of commuting and cubicles, you’re not alone. The number of people telecommuting rose 79 enforce office hours with home based franchisespercent between 2005 and 2012, as many employees and employers have embraced the concept of working from home. Bin There Dump That is one of them! We help ease the transition for new franchise operators by giving them the flexibility to work out of their home office.

However, while your commute may be shorter and your surroundings may be a bit more casual, it’s important to be as productive in your home office as you are in a traditional office.

8 Tips To Improve Productivity For Home-Based Franchises

Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to work from home effectively. To help you avoid productivity pitfalls at your home office, here are eight proven productivity tips for home-based franchises:

Create A Professional Work Area

Your bedroom and living room may be really great living spaces, but they make really bad working spaces. Therefore, you should designate an area in your home that is just for work. If you can’t allocate an entire room to your professional endeavors, that’s okay; give yourself a desk, chair, phone and office supplies that are “work only.” This separation of spaces can help you mentally separate living at home from working at home, helping you be more productive.

Get Dressed

Working in your pajamas may sound comfortable, but it’s actually counterproductive. That’s because pajamas are for sleeping, and when you are wearing them, you’ll naturally want to sleep. Instead, make yourself get dressed every day to establish a routine and provide a mental trigger to yourself that it is time to work.

Keep Office Hours In Your Home Office

If you need to work 9-5 in the office, then you need to work 9-5 at home. Don’t mix your domestic chores with your professional responsibilities; stay focused on work during these hours.

Create A To Do List And Stick To It

It’s always important to establish your priorities and meet your deadlines, but it’s especially crucial when you work from home. That’s because there’s noone around to tell you what to do and when to do it, so you’ll have to be the one to tell yourself. Set a weekly schedule and hang it on your wall, or leave yourself a note every night to make sure your day gets off to a productive start.

Embrace Technology

Working from home wouldn’t be possible just a few short years ago. However, technology makes it not only possible, but easy to do. Use calendar apps to set your schedule; to do list apps to set your priorities, and communication apps to keep you connected.

Keep Healthy Snacks Handy

Nothing derails productivity like routine trips to the kitchen. Keep a bowl of fruit or nuts in your designated keep healthy snacks for your home-based franchiseworking space to keep yourself focused and fueled — and away from the fridge.

Stay Connected With The Outside World

Working from home can be lonely, so it’s important to communicate with coworkers and customers often. Schedule onsite visits to your customers and calls with colleagues, and be sure to stick to these appointments. When you’re done working, make an effort to head outside, get some fresh air and socialize.

Put The Time And Money You Save To Good Use

That extra hour that you save by working from home, and the gas money that you get to keep in your pocket, should be reinvested in your work. Be willing to put in some extra time to compensate for your convenience, and put extra cash back into important things — savings, retirement, even your franchise operations — instead of spending it frivolously.

Looking For A Home-Based Franchise? Work With Us

At Bin There Dump That, we not only offer new franchise operators the freedom and flexibility to work from home, but we also provide the training and support they need to make the most out of their home office and their entire operation. Learn more about becoming a franchise operator by requesting a free franchise kit today.

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