Lean On Your Staff: 4 Tips To Be The Most Profitable Franchise You Can Be

Lean On Your Staff: 4 Tips To Be The Most Profitable Franchise You Can Be“It’s hard to find good help these days.” It seems like more and more employers today – across all industries – share this sentiment. According to a study by the Corporate Executive Board, business leaders regret more than 20 percent of their hires.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In a time when small businesses struggle to attract and keep talented employees, it’s important you’re doing everything in your power to recruit a dedicated and capable workforce.

The really good news is the hiring process for a Bin There Dump That franchise is a lot less complicated than your traditional startup. Just turn to your fellow franchise operators! You are not on your own here.

From job descriptions and hiring practices to staffing strategies and salaries, study and imitate what has worked for them – and also take note of what hasn’t.

In addition to seeking advice from your franchisor and fellow franchisees, here are four more tips to help make any hiring regrets a thing of the past.

Have A Plan

Know what you want in a potential hire. What skills are required and which skills are you willing to train?

Create a profile of your ideal employee – attitude, relevant work experience, etc. – to keep you focused during the selection process.

Scout for New Employees All the Time

Lean On Your Staff: 4 Tips To Be The Most Profitable Franchise You Can BeBe on the lookout for possible candidates even when you aren’t financially prepared to bring a new employee on board. If a person you trust recommends someone to you, find time to talk to him or her.

You may not be in a position to hire this candidate now, but building a rapport in the meantime could give you a nice jump on the hiring process once you are ready.

Avoid Email at First

You have an impressive stack of job applications on your desk and those with the most potential are sitting on top. Resist all urges to send your top prospects an email inviting them in for an interview. Instead, pick up the phone and call them.

You can learn a lot from a person when they’re on the other end of an unexpected phone call. Are they polite? Enthusiastic? Are they providing quality responses to your questions?

If they pass with flying colors here, a face-to-face interview is an obvious next step.

Put the Candidate to Work, Literally

During the interview process, consider assigning a job candidate to a day-to-day task essential to the position in question. The task might take 15 minutes. It might take one hour.

This brief trial period will allow you to observe a candidate in a work setting doing whatever it is you would have them doing in an actual work setting.

No matter what you decide on having the applicant do, make sure it’s something of value for you AND the person doing it.

The Next Step: Training Your New Staff

In a perfect world, your new employee would transition seamlessly into their new position. We know that’s not always the case. That’s why training is so crucial. The topic of training also gives you another chance to reconnect with other Bin There Dump That franchise operators. If it’s worked for their staff, there’s a good chance it’ll work for yours, too.

Learn More

Looking for more insight into running a franchise? Our franchise operator spotlights may be a helpful resource. You can also download our FREE guide to financing a franchise, with helpful information on everything from securing funding to hiring those first employees.

If you’re interested in starting your own Bin There Dump That franchise, please fill out our online request for consideration to start the official process.

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