Making A Career Change: How To Go From Frustrated Employee To Franchise Operator

Making A Career Change: How To Go From Frustrated Employee To Franchise OperatorAre you looking to change jobs? If so, you are most certainly not alone. Roughly 2.5 million workers quit their jobs every month according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

These people are leaving their positions despite the the still-shaky economy, and they are doing do for a variety of reasons.

Maybe some of those reasons will sound familiar to you.

Why Do People Quit Their Jobs?

LinkedIn recently polled more than 18,000 workers to find out what would motivate them to leave their jobs. Here’s what those in the United States and Canada had to say:


Reason for changing jobs United States Canada
Better fit for skills 29% 35%
Opportunities for advancement 26% 33%
Better compensation and benefits 29% 27%
More challenging work 21% 23%
Improved work-life balance 20% 19%
Want to make a greater impact 16% 19%
Unsatisfactory leadership and management 16% 19%
More learning opportunities 16% 17%
Increased job security 16% 16%


Improve Job Satisfaction And Your Future By Becoming A Franchise Operator

Making A Career Change: How To Go From Frustrated Employee To Franchise OperatorIf any of these factors are causing you to be unhappy in your current role in the workplace, chances are you’ve probably considered resigning.

But instead of just changing jobs and encountering the same old problems in a new company, why not change the course of your entire future by becoming a franchise operator?

Joining a franchise and becoming an operator can alleviate many of the issues associated with working in traditional settings. Here’s how:

You’ll put all of your skills to use

As a franchise operator, you won’t be stuck in some predefined box. You’ll wear many hats — accountant, recruiter, hiring manager, customer service representative, manager, etc. — that will allow you to leverage all of your skills and experience.

You’ll be at the top of your own organization

A job loss can be a traumatic and stressful experience, especially when you are let go for reasons outside of your control. As a franchise operator, you will be the one making the personnel decisions, and your job will be as safe as the effort you put in.

You won’t have to worry about climbing the corporate ladder because you will be at the top rung. And as the person in charge of the operation, you’ll put your leadership skills to work.

You’ll truly earn your salary and benefits

As a franchise operator, the amount of money in your paycheck is not limited by a corporate budget or someone else’s opinion of what you are worth; the more revenue you generate in your operation, the more money you can put in your pocket.

Plus, as part of a franchise group, you can leverage the organization’s purchasing power to get great benefits at affordable rates.

You’ll be challenged — and you’ll love it

You won’t be limited to the same monotonous and repetitive tasks day after day; instead you’ll be empowered to think quickly and strategically in order to grow your business.

You can achieve work-life balance

Balance is something that every worker strives for but few achieve. However, with the right franchise, you can strike it. At Bin There Dump That, for example, we encourage our franchise operators to take time away from their businesses because we feel that it helps them to be more positive and productive.

You’ll make a big impact

As the head of a local franchise operation, you’ll not only be making an impact on a company, you’ll make an impact in your community and on individual careers by hiring local people and helping them support their families.

Every day will be a learning opportunity

As described above, the life of a franchise operator is dynamic, and it requires dynamic skills to succeed. That means you’ll need to hone your existing skills and acquire new ones in order to remain successful.

When you start your franchise operator career with Bin There Dump That, we provide a one-week, hands-on training session to help you get on your way.

We also provide ongoing support and training to keep our franchise operators ahead of the curve — and the competition.

Leave The Frustration Behind And Go Forward With Us

Bin There Dump That is looking for franchise operators to join our growing team as we expand throughout the United States and Canada. So if you’ve been thinking about leaving your current job, or if you are already searching for your next great opportunity, we invite you to learn more about becoming a Bin There Dump That franchise operator.

Start by downloading our FREE e-book, Living The Dream: How To Transition From The Workforce To Your Own Franchise.

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