Starting A Franchise: 5 Myths And Misconceptions Debunked

Starting a franchise? Look no further!Are you searching for a new business opportunity that will get you out of the corporate rat race and put you in control of your own future? Then the truth is starting a franchise may be the perfect career move for you. Unfortunately, some falsehoods might prevent you from pursuing this path and realizing your goals.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of five common myths and misconceptions about starting a franchise operation. Check them out and make sure they don’t cause you to miss out on a great career move.

A Franchise Fee Is A Waste Of Money

All franchise companies require a franchise fee from new franchise operators. However, great franchise companies give you a lot for your money. For example, at Bin There Dump That, our franchise fee entitles new operators to utilize not just our name, but our proven business model and our national advertising and marketing efforts. It also gives operators territorial exclusivity, empowering them to grow this new business opportunity in their own communities, without worrying about other people taking away their turf or their customers. You also receive initial training and ongoing support from our franchise’s leaders.

Franchise Companies Will Take Money From Anyone

Before you invest in a franchise, chances are you will invest a lot of time and effort into researching potential companies. Good franchisors will vet potential franchise operators just as carefully. At Bin There Dump That, we don’t accept franchise fees from just anyone, we make sure that new franchise operators have the right personality traits, the right motivations and the right vision for running a franchise. We do this by adhering to a thorough six-step process that ensures only the best candidates become franchise operators. After all, partnering with strong franchise operators is the best way to strengthen our company overall.

The Only Franchises Out There Are Fast Food Places And Restaurants

Not into serving up burgers, sandwiches or coffee? Don’t worry, you can still break into a field that interests you. For example, there are franchise opportunities in industries as diverse as pet care, video gaming, personal health and fitness and more.

No matter where your interests lie, you should understand that the best industries are those that offer the best chance to succeed.

Bin There Dump That, for example, is part of the growing $40 billion trash management industry.

Starting A Franchise Is As Easy As Following A Blueprint

Read why starting a franchise may be a great new business opportunity for youIt’s true that following a proven, repeatable system makes achieving success a lot easier. However being a franchise operator also takes a lot of hard work. You’ll still need to put a considerable amount of time and energy into meeting customers, following business plans, hiring and managing employees, etc. You need to have the skills and mindset necessary to overcome obstacles when they arise and the work ethic necessary not to fall behind.

Franchises Are Giant, Impersonal Corporate Machines

Franchises come in all shapes and sizes, from international conglomerates with big headquarters to individually overseen ventures operating out of garages. Bin There Dump That is right in the middle, offering the best of both worlds. For example, we’ve been growing since 2004, expanding throughout Canada and the United States at a rapid pace. Our leadership team has more than 35 years of direct franchise experience, so they know what it takes to make a franchise successful.

Despite our considerable size and experience, we have created an intimate community for our franchise operators, one where communication flows in all directions and collaboration is encouraged. We expect our franchise operators to roll up their sleeves, and we’ll do the same for them. It’s no wonder, then, that our franchise operators love working with us.

Get The Facts About Becoming A Bin There Dump That Franchise Operator

Now that we’ve deflated those myths, we’d like to tell you more about the benefits of joining our team. Start the process by downloading a free Franchise Kit today. Or, learn more about the myths and misconceptions about starting and operating a franchise in our free email course.

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