Franchise Operator Spotlight: A New Franchise And New Life In The Florida Sun

Patrick Daley is a Bin There Dump That franchise operator in SarasotaPatrick Daley is no stranger to starting anew. The New Hampshire Native has relocated many times, to cities big and small throughout the United States and Canada. A seasoned veteran of the landscaping industry, Patrick eventually moved to Toronto to start his own company. His moving days were over — or so he thought.

Eight years later, Patrick sold his landscape business. While the sale gave him some financial flexibility, he quickly realized that he lost the professional flexibility that came with being the head of his own business.

“I started working for another company, and I decided that it wasn’t for me,” he explained. “I just felt like being my own boss again.”

That’s when he began exploring franchise opportunities, and one in particular caught his eye — Bin There Dump That. After extensive research into the company, he knew that it was the right choice for him. However, there was already another operator in his area and, thanks to the franchise’s commitment to protecting franchise territories, he found out that he couldn’t start his own operation in Toronto.

Thus, Patrick was faced with a choice: give up on his dream of starting a franchise with Bin There Dump That or pick up his life, his wife and two children and start a franchise in a totally new location. Naturally, he chose the latter option.

“There were no territories available where I was living in Canada, so I joked around with my wife about moving to Florida and, the next thing you know, we were packing our stuff,” he said.

That’s how Bin There Dump That Sarasota was founded.

Taking A Leap After Doing His Homework

Moving to a new country can be scary enough. Throw in the stress that comes with starting a new business and the endeavor can be downright daunting. However, Patrick was confident that he was making the right choice for himself, his family and his finances.

He was very familiar with Bin There Dump That from his time in Toronto, and, after doing his due diligence in researching the company, he thought it would be a perfect fit.

“In Canada, I had seen their bins and trucks all over the place,” he said. “So after doing my investigation into the franchise, it just seemed like it was a good fit. The business model fit with me and how I like to work, so I said the hell with it and took the jump.”

Patrick said the Bin There Dump That business model was so appealing to him because, while it provided a proven and repeatable path to success, it wasn’t as rigid as other franchise systems. He could introduce his own ideas and really put his stamp on his operation.

“There’s a lot of flexibility in how everything is run, and there’s flexibility built into the franchise itself,” he said. “It’s not like some other franchises where you have to do this and you have to do that. Here, they’re very open to other people’s suggestions.”

The Support Required To Succeed

nko_SarasotaHaving built his own landscaping business, Patrick understood the tremendous amount of time and effort that goes into owning a company, as well as the tremendous amount of pressure that falls on the owner’s shoulders.

That’s why he was drawn to the franchise model and Bin There Dump That in particular. The company provides extensive training and ongoing support to franchise operators in order to spur their success.

“I had been in the landscaping business for more than ten years before I decided to go into it on my own, so I obviously knew a lot about the business and how to run it,” he said. “But getting into something like dumpsters, I had never done it before, so the help of the franchise has been key.

“They don’t just say ‘Pay us the money, now here’s your truck and here’s your dumpster. Now go ahead, you’re on your own.’ So going with a franchise has really helped me out in that way.”

Growing Faster Than Expected

Patrick knew that he would be successful. However, he didn’t know that he would be so successful so quickly.

The franchise opened its doors in October 2014 and, in just seven short months, it has exploded in terms of revenue.

“Our sales, on a monthly basis, have gone from $10,000 a month to $30,000 to $35,000 a month,” Patrick said. “I have 33 dumpsters, and I’ve been sold out of them for weeks.”

Patrick credits the growth to a combination of effective networking and a unique product.

Upon moving to Sarasota, he immediately joined several local clubs and organizations in an effort to spread the word about Bin There Dump That. Fortunately, the word has been well received, and the message is resonating with homeowners and contractors alike.

“We are catching on,” Patrick said. “Our concept of a smaller, cleaner, residential-friendly dumpster, it is catching on. It took a little while for contractors to come around, but it is starting to grab ahold here really well and people know who we are now.”

To keep up with the increase in demand, Patrick plans to expand his franchise.

“The growth has been the biggest surprise,” he said. “We’re busier than we have ever been, and it seems like every month we’re getting busier and busier, so we’re adding another truck, and we’re adding more dumpsters.”

Along with a new truck and new bins, perhaps the most significant addition will be to the franchise’s workforce.

Patrick Daley moved his family from Toronto to Sarasota to start a franchiseRight now, Patrick and his wife, Claire, are the only two employees. Claire handles the many back office and administrative tasks while Patrick serves as the driver, sales executive and marketer all rolled into one. Patrick recognized that he needs to spend more time nurturing the business and less time running it, so he plans to hire two drivers in the next several months.

Lessons Learned For Future Franchisees

Patrick’s journey from employee to franchisee — and from Toronto to Sarasota — has been a rewarding and successful one.

“[Relocating] was really exciting and it was scary at the same time because I didn’t know the market so well when it came to dumpsters. To leave the comforts of what I had in Canada, with a house and a steady job and a steady income, it was a bit scary, but we were excited to do it, and it’s really worked out,” he said.

If you are thinking about making the journey yourself — whether it be within your neighborhood or across North America — Patrick has two pieces of advice:

Do your homework — “Do your due diligence and really look at the company, look at the franchise and most certainly and most importantly, talk to other franchisees,” he said. “You can call one or you can call all of them if you want. Make sure the franchise is a good fit for you and for them.”

Be financially prepared to grow — “I had some money saved for some growth, but not enough,” he said. “I didn’t think I would be getting a second truck until a year or year-and-a-half into it. A little extra capital tucked away when you need it would be nice, for sure.”

Start Your Journey

Patrick has experienced tremendous success as the owner of Bin There Dump That Sarasota. If you are interested in experiencing your own success as the head of your own franchise, we invite you to start the process by downloading a free franchise kit today.


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