Franchise Operator Spotlight: Turning Social Media Into A Big PR Opportunity in Oklahoma City

buy a franchiseYou’ve heard the saying: “You can’t buy this kind of publicity!”

Well, in this case, you could…but it’d cost you a lot of money in product placement.

Management at Bin There Dump That carefully crafted a relationship with hosts of, the online home for remodeling experts, television and radio hosts Mark Clement and Theresa Coleman Clement.

That relationship, developed through social media, led to an opportunity for Oklahoma City’s Bin There Dump That franchise operators provide dumpsters to the Food Network for three local tapings of one of the channel’s newest shows, “Save My Bakery.”

Use Social Networks To Network

Successful business owners often seem to make their own luck — it’s a matter of thinking big! Social networks are extremely effective when they’re used to, well, network. Bin There Dump That began its relationship with My Fix It Up Life by paying attention to influencers in similar spheres to Bin There Dump That, commenting on their posts and sharing when appropriate.

Sharing photos and highlighting events are important pieces of any social media strategy, but if that’s all you’re doing, you’re missing out on some big opportunities!

Save My Bakery got in touch with Jason Roberts, who operates the Oklahoma City Bin There Dump That franchise. After some discussion, Roberts provided dumpsters for three tapings of the show, two in Tulsa and one in Stillwater.

Continuing Relationships On The Set

buy a franchise

Roberts delivered and picked up several bins on the different tapings that took place in February and early March. The shows should air later this season on the Food Network.

During the tapings, Roberts got to know a few of the workers — carpenters, cameramen, and even the hosts of The experts do a lot of work for shows where remodeling work is required.

“They work behind the scenes on several different shows,” Roberts says. “They promised us that the bins would appear on the show.”

While a nationally watched television network may not stroll into town and ask to highlight your product, none of this could have happened without first building a natural relationship with  Mark Clement and Theresa Coleman Clement. That’s how great things develop!

Join Roberts And Other Franchise Operators

Our franchise operators are proud to promote our rental dumpsters, easily recognizable by their lime-green color and fresh, clean look. (Ready for their close-up!)

Interested in an exciting franchise opportunity? Download our franchise kit to find out more about Bin There Dump That. Our successful franchise operators all over Canada and the United States can help guide you as you build your business.

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