Teaming Up: Bin There Dump That Is Proud To Be a Title Sponsor of Team Glenn Howard Curling

Glenn Howard is one of the most successful and celebrated curlers of all time. Throughout his storied career, which spans four decades, he has won four world championships, four Briers and 15 Ontario provincial championships.

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Of course, curling is a team sport, and Howard hasn’t done it alone. He has played alongside and served as skip to some unbelievable teammates. This year, he is welcoming a new team member to his squad: Bin There Dump That.

New Beginnings In Curling and In Canada

Bin There Dump That couldn’t be more excited to sponsor Team Glenn Howard. That’s because we know that Howard is a Canadian institution, a name that inspires trust and instantly conveys winning results.

After a decade of establishing ourselves as a partner to homeowners and builders throughout both Canada and the United States, we strive to inspire the same thoughts in our customers. This sponsorship echoes our desire and signifies the start of the next stage of our company.

“We feel lucky for the opportunity to partner with somebody who people know and respect already and who has a proven track record of success,” said John Ferracuti, vice president and general manager of Bin There Dump That.

The upcoming season will be the start of something new for Howard as well. Not only will his team have a new sponsor; it will also have a new roster and a new look. Former third Richard Hart – himself a world champion, Brier champion and Olympic silver medalist – is coming out of retirement to rejoin the team.

Another new addition is two-time Brier winner and world champion Jonathan Mead. The lone holdover from last year is Craig Savill, who has served as the team’s lead since 2004.

With new names appearing on the back of the jersey, Howard felt that this would be the perfect chance to change the look on the front. “We’re super excited to have Bin There Dump That as our title sponsor this year,” Howard said. “[This is a] new beginning.”

A Fit Right On The Button

Teaming Up: Bin There Dump That Is Proud To Be a Title Sponsor of Team Glenn Howard CurlingWhether you are going for the bonspiel or the Brier, winning takes the right skills, the right equipment and the right strategy. However, it also takes great camaraderie. Teammates need to work together, complement each other’s personalities and fit in with one another. Bin There Dump That and Glenn Howard do just that.

“[Howard’s] enthusiasm is contagious,” explained Ferracuti, “and we feel like we’re a company that has that same culture about it and, you know, it is just a perfect fit for us.”

Howard was equally enthusiastic about the partnership. “It’s just so much fun to be a part of a fresh new company that just really likes to have a really family-oriented [environment] and they want to be [as much] a part of the landscape of Canada as Team Howard [is], so we can’t wait to show our stuff and wear Bin There Dump That colors all year long,” he said.

Want to Join The Team?

Bin There Dump That is pumped for our partnership and we’re looking forward to cheering on Team Glenn Howard in the upcoming season. We know that great things will happen on the sheet.

There are great things happening off the sheet as well. Throughout Canada and the United States, we continue to expand our footprint by winning over new customers through a model of distinguished customer service and by welcoming in new franchise operators seeking a model of operational success.

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