Seeking A New Business Opportunity? 5 Key Questions to Ask Yourself

Considering A New Business Opportunity? 5 Tough Questions to Ask Yourself There are scores of reasons you’re looking for a new business opportunity. Entrepreneurs often cite: Being your own boss, doing something you love, contributing to the greater good, and creating jobs. The list goes on.

It’s easy to fall for the romance that comes with having something to call your own, especially when you’re having a difficult day or the boss’s nickname is something we can’t write on these pages (after all, this is a family blog). It takes far more than that (or at least it should) to give up a solid career to go out on your own.

We’ll make the assumption you know what kind of business you’d like to run and something about the product or service you plan to offer. That’s just ante into the game.

But before you place your “Open for Business” sign in the window you need to do extensive research and a fair amount of soul searching — and ask yourself these five tough questions.

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Why A Franchise Is An Ideal New Business Opportunity

Why A Franchise Is A New Business Opportunity Than An Independent BusinessThe dream of running your own business is one that entices many young entrepreneurs. There are two major approaches to business ownership: franchise or independent business.

Both independent business owners and franchise operators have a drive, desire for autonomy, and a spirit that pushes them to profit from their own labors.

Each new business opportunity has its advantages and disadvantages, of course, and deciding which is right for you depends on a number of factors.

Here are a number of reasons why we think franchises are a better bet for future executives.

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