How Often Will I Communicate With The Home Office?

How Often Will I Communicate With The Home Office?There was an era when children were able to play outside until it got dark. They came inside when the streetlights came on. Today, helicopter parents keep constant tabs on their child’s every move. And as they grow, different children have different needs.

Times have certainly changed. It might not be safe to let children spend hours and hours unsupervised, but constant hovering doesn’t allow the child to grow. Somewhere in between total independence and suffocating supervision is the right amount of involvement.

A franchise business is not so different. Some franchisors hand over their names and let their franchise operators to fend for themselves. Others put in place such tight controls that there’s little room for growth. At Bin There Dump That, we like to think we offer the right amount of supervision at the right time. Here’s a look at how often you, the franchise operator, may communicate with the home office. Continue reading “How Often Will I Communicate With The Home Office?”