Franchise Operator Spotlight: From Corporate World To Franchise Ownership

Mike and Julie Paradise had spent their entire careers — and most of their lives — in the corporate world. However, the Northern Massachusetts couple unexpectedly and abruptly found themselves out of that world and on the job market.

“My husband and I were both corporate,” Julie explained. “But, for one reason or another, we both found ourselves not corporate anymore.”

They explored all avenues in their job search, but one path in particular kept coming up time and time again.

“During the job hunt, Bin There Dump That kept coming up as an opportunity,” Julie said.

Intrigued by what they read online and in reviews, the couple began doing their homework, and Bin There Dump That quickly made their grade.

“We investigated, and it seemed like a good fit for us going forward in order to take control of our future and not be dependent on corporate anymore,” Julie said. Continue reading “Franchise Operator Spotlight: From Corporate World To Franchise Ownership”