Franchise Operator Spotlight: Starting A Franchise With Family

starting a franchise with familyPhil Brunet II is a builder. For more than two decades, the Ohio resident worked in the retail construction field as a partner in a general contracting business. However, he recently realized that, while he loved what he did, he wanted to do something with the people he loved.

“I wanted to start a business with my family, something we could all do together and contribute to,” he said.

Along with his wife, Linda, and their son, Phil III, the older Phil began searching for opportunities.

Ultimately, he was drawn to the dumpster rental industry, as he knew from firsthand experience that the companies operating in his area were offering poor customer service. He could do a better job, and he could make a lot of money doing it. Continue reading “Franchise Operator Spotlight: Starting A Franchise With Family”

Preparing Your Family For Your New Franchise

Preparing Your Family For Your New FranchiseOne of the many reasons people become franchise operators is to spend more time with and better support their families. However, before you embark on any new business venture, you’d better get their support.

That’s because transitioning from the workforce to franchise ownership is a big change that can impact not only your career but also your family’s finances, schedules and lifestyle.

So if you’re thinking about making the switch, make things as easy as possible for you and your family by taking these five tips to heart. Continue reading “Preparing Your Family For Your New Franchise”