Work/Life Balance As A Franchise Operator: It Can Be Done!

Startup business owners know their responsibilities: they do everything.

Entrepreneurs split time between serving as CEO, sales rep, secretary, accountant, payroll clerk, janitor — the list work-life balancegoes on. It might not be easy, but at least the responsibilities are clear. If something needs to get done, it’s pretty obvious whose shoulders that responsibility will fall on.

Because they’re always in the office, many new franchise operators often think they don’t have the ability to take time away from their businesses. We appreciate the hard work they put into their operations, but a proper work/life balance is key to success. People who spend all their time at work burn brightly and quickly. They’re more likely to have trouble at home and that often leads to trouble in the workplace. We encourage our franchise operators to take time away from their businesses. It helps them gain perspective and develop positive mental health habits.

Use Your Resources

A franchise operator in a good franchise system admittedly does have an easier time than independent new business owners. Our franchise operators don’t need to re-invent the wheel. However, while they can tap the vast collected wisdom of the company’s experience and our available guides and tools, the day-to-day operations do fall back on the owner.

Adding employees to the payroll allows the owners to shed some responsibilities, but it may add others. Now he or she is a supervisor.

It might seem like there is never an opportunity for a franchise owner to take time away from a business. You can almost see the thought process. “I can get away for a doctor’s appointment or slip out to watch my child’s presentation at school, but a vacation? A week away from the business, that’s not going to happen.”

Learn To Let Go!

Simply put, too many franchise owners believe if they were to walk away from the business, for even a week, there might not be a business to return to. While there are many words you can use to describe a franchise owner — important, valuable, reliable, versatile — indispensable isn’t (or shouldn’t) be among them.

One of the biggest challenges every business owner faces is to know when to let go. Any small business owner, whether it’s a Bin There Dump That franchise operator or one in another industry, likes to think he or she is indispensable. That’s simply not the case.

There’s no question that the owner is important — a franchise operator sets the tone of the business and makes decisions that decide how successful the business will become — but those key decisions aren’t the kind that are made on a daily or weekly basis.

Build A Solid Team

As the owner of the business you have control over the hours you spend at your franchise. It’s imperative to have someone you can trust to run the operation (and sometimes make key decisions) while you’re away.

Ask any business owner what his or her most important asset is and the answer is so predictable it’s practically a cliché: “my people.” But just because it’s a cliché doesn’t mean it’s not true. As the franchise owner, you’ll need to find the people you can trust to make decisions in your absence. Good people translate into happy, well-rested and well-adjusted owners. And that translates into successful businesses.