Franchise Operator Spotlight: Taking Advantage Of Social Media In Kelowna

Kelowna_PhotoDallas and Tanya Storey wanted a business that allowed at least one of them to be at home with their two young children. That meant a business they could run from home. After a little research they gravitated to a disposal company for sale in Kelowna, British Columbia. But by the time they talked with the owner it was sold.

But the seed had been planted, and after talking with Bin There Dump That, they were on board. The entrepreneurial couple made first their call in April and by August, their Bin There Dump That franchise was up and running. The business has been doing well and has seen a lot of growth in the past 18 months.

“We are really all in on the business,” Tanya says. “We don’t have anything else on the side. We are determined to make it grow. We’re focused on making this work for our family.”

Tanya admits it wasn’t always easy: They went into it with no business experience and didn’t know what to expect, especially with few contacts in the area.

Business Is All About Networking


While they didn’t have the contacts, they did have a network — the Internet. The Storeys set about using social media to develop the contacts and the customers they would need to run a successful operation.

When they first started the business, the Storeys employed a number of different media — radio, coupons in the newspaper, flyers, and signage on the main highway from Kelowna. Like any smart franchise operator, the couple analyzed the metrics on the various advertising, some of which costs a considerable amount of money.

Building A Google Strategy

The social media campaign that turned the most visitors into customers was Google.

To ensure customers and potential customers continued to click through to the company’s website, the franchise operators hired an Internet marketing firm to create and manage their landing page. For $99 a month, the company ensures new content regularly appears on the page. Dormant pages begin to slip in their Google rankings.

“An online presence can make your business more credible,” Tanya says.

Being Active On Other Social Networks


The pair ensures their business can be found online in other ways as well. The couple splits duties to manage other social media accounts.  Dallas handles Twitter and Tanya oversees Facebook, where she posts once a day, every weekday.

She schedules for the week every Monday and says she doesn’t spend an excessive amount of time there. “We are a bin disposal company,” Tanya says. “As exciting it is for us, it’s not necessarily exciting for everyone.”

When deciding what to post, Tanya thinks about what she’d want to see while browsing the network.

Don’t Use Social Media For Sales

Social media isn’t a direct sales tool for the franchise operators. The pair incorporates these social media tools for brand awareness. Tanya posts material she finds interesting, something that might catch somebody’s eye. While Facebook can be a free form of brand awareness, the Storeys do spend about $30 a month on Facebook ads — she calls it one of the most cost-effective forms of brand awareness.

The Storeys have foregone other forms of advertising in favor of online social media, but there is one traditional form of networking the franchise operators participate in: networking events. It might be a bit old fashioned, but it’s still quite effective — whether it’s getting together with other business owners to explore ways you can work together, or letting consumers know your organization exists.

“Kelowna is a community that really values networking,” Tanya says. “We could be out every night if we wanted to.”

Join The Storeys And Other Franchise Operators

If you’re interested in exploring new franchise opportunities, consider downloading our franchise kit to find out more about Bin There Dump That.

Let Bin There Dump That and our many successful franchise operators all over Canada and the United States guide you as you build your business! 

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