Franchise Operator Spotlight: Working With Families And Serving The Community

Colter & Shanna Edgington wanted a Bin There Dump That franchise in the Dallas area to help serve their community and save residents’ time, money and stress. Their dumpster rental services will provide a new alternative to disposing unnecessary junk and clutter.

Clutter and junk consumes too much of our time and money. It costs an average of $10/square foot to store items in your home. Also, according to the national soap and detergent association, getting rid of clutter would eliminate 40 percent of housework in the average home.

Colter and Shanna are excited to serve homeowners who need to de-clutter their homes, as well as service residential and commercial contractors who are completing roof installations and home renovations. Colter was raised in Dallas and is a graduate of Lake Highlands High School. He and his family are now residents of Rockwall, and they are proud to be servicing the Dallas area.

The Edgingtons’ Background

“I’ve spent 15 years in the commercial construction business and can sympathize with the stress that is brought on by a cluttered home or work environment. This is a great opportunity for us to help neighbors in our community,” Edgington said. “Due to growing restrictions on what can be disposed of through your weekly trash service, we feel that we will provide a great alternative with a customized dumpster rental service.” Of course, as part of a family-based business, he won’t be doing it alone.

Shanna Edgington has spent the last five years raising their twin girls and is now back in the workforce. She’s excited about working close to her husband in a sales and marketing role. “I’m thrilled to tackle a challenge, alongside my husband, that will allow us to continue to raise our twin girls while running a business we’re passionate about. We also look forward to giving back to the community, by providing assistance to disaster stricken areas and lend our services to community-benefit organizations like Habitat for Humanity,” Shanna said.

“Most of the dumpster services in the area are geared toward contractors. I feel homeowners will benefit from a focus on customer service and smaller bin sizes. With the rising popularity of DIY home renovations, there is a greater need for this service that caters to the homeowner,” Colter said.

Please visit Bin There Dump That Franchise for more information on the franchising model.

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